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In lieu of negative media accusations on e-cigarettes, we have this response.

Although we can't comment on the validity, reliability, and power of the data in each specific media proclomation, what we do know is that anything that you put into your lungs aside from clean air is not good for you. We have never claimed otherwise.  However, since very early on we at A Clean Cigarette have striven to find out as much as possible about this product. It is for this reason that we have completed three separate lab analysis, a vapor analysis and a complete MSDS on our product. Additionally we are currently positioned to begin the first phase of a live, human clinical trial that we are hoping will lead into an additional long term studies. We also feel that in order to fully understand our product it is important to listen to the feedback from our customers that are using the product. Currently it is very common for our customers to report huge success stories such as the testimonies on the wall of fame and on our website.
Every bit of information we acquire we are willing to release. Lab analysis, reports, etc. are available upon request.

To summarize, We're not saying we're a safe product. We are an alternative to burning tobacco. This alternative eliminates carbon monoxide, tar, other harmful chemicals and smoke. The effects of tobacco on society have been proven for decades and we all know what they can do.