USB Charger

Battery screws directly into the end of the USB charging cable. Connects to the USB port on your computer. Battery not included. This charger can also be plugged into an open USB port for charging. The light on the USB charger lights up blue when it's plugged in. When a depleted battery is attached the light will turn red. When the battery is fully charged the light will turn back to blue. As with all chargers it is best to go by the light on the end of the battery itself. When the battery light is solid the battery is charging. When it turns off charging is completed.

USB Charger w/Cord Specifications:

  • Output: 4.2V
  • Built in protective IC to ensure battery safety
  • Charger has an LED light that is blue while unused. Light will turn red when a depleted battery is connected. Light will turn back to blue when the battery is charged
  • USB connector can be plugged into a USB port or used with the wall adapter included with the cord (Cable is available without adapter)

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