5-Pack Cartridges for Unfiltered Smokers

*CleanView are cartridges that have no cotton in them. They have a window on the side where you can see how much fluid you have left.

A couple of years back, we asked our manufacturer to double the fluid in the cartridge, giving you enough fluid for around 400 puffs per cartridge. We've improved the heating element 11 times to ensure that when you take a puff it FEELS like a real cigarette! Each cartridge (cartomizer) is equal to 1 to 1 and 1/2 packs of standard cigarettes.

You can now select multiple packs in different flavors
and Nicotine levels and they will be added to your cart
after hitting the "Add to Cart" button

Purchase 2 Packs: Buy 10 cartridges and you'll receive an 11th cartridge for 1 cent! or Purchase 3 or more packs and receive our Volume Discount.
(Note: Special offers cannot be combined, no 1 cent cartridges when purchasing in bulk cartridges)


Propylene Glycol   -  95.5%

Flavoring    -         2.1-4.5%*

Nicotine     -            0-2.4%*

*Depends on which nicotine mg level.

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