About A Clean Cigarette

TO HELP BURNING TOBACCO SMOKERS, SWITCH TO A CLEAN CIGARETTE! Why switch? BECAUSE NOTHING IS BURNING! No stinky burning tar resins going into the air, covering your clothes, your hair, or your skin and coating the inside of your lungs. Smokers are generally a tough breed of people, who often lose respect just by lighting up, and can often gain it back by just switching to A Clean Cigarette. What is A Clean Cigarette? OUR PREMIUM, RECHARGEABLE, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE! Which is our custom made ‘CIG-A-LIKE’ with its own, pre-filled cartridges. What makes us different? That would be us, the people of A Clean Cigarette! We are all former tobacco smokers who have made the switch! My wife, Mona, & I have been married since 1978. She has never accepted or understood my smoking habit. It has always been a sore subject…and a constant battle. So, I made an oath to never hire a non-smoker! PERIOD! When you come to any of our stores, you will always be greeted by someone who understands. Someone who ‘gets’ it. They have all made the switch to A Clean Cigarette. This is serious. I feel that the reasons ‘why’ we smoke are deep, and cannot be learned from a book. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us and to understand. That’s it! That is what we do at A Clean Cigarette. Here’s how easy it is. When you get the urge to smoke, pickup your A Clean Cigarette. Take a few good draws. You’ll get that great throat hit, the nicotine you’re craving and great taste! No need to go out in the cold! Simply stick it back in your pocket or purse until you need to smoke again .We are obsessed with making A Clean Cigarette more like a normal cigarette. We work very close with our manufacturer to ensure that we have the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Each improvement has been to ensure the throat hit feels just right, the performance is consistent, and that the battery and cartridges last longer. IT IS TO OUR GREAT ADVANTAGE THAT NOTHING IS BURNING! This means there are no tar resins to destroy our taste buds and lungs. It means a cleaner, richer, bolder flavor. We use real nicotine and lab tested, real menthol, which is cleaner and mintier tasting. We are an ‘EASY SWITCH FROM BURNING TOBACCO’ products. But please understand, we cannot in good consciousness sell to you if you are not already hooked on burning tobacco or chewing tobacco. Nor will we sell to you if you are less than 18 years of age. Nicotine is extremely addictive, and of course, NOTHING except pure air going into your lungs is good for you! For many people we are a ‘last hope product.’ We truly know how to switch people off burning tobacco. Many customers are able regain enough self-respect to pursue additional self-improvement, like working out, and even getting off this product!

Sincerely, thank you!
Cary Lee & the Team