Founder's Story

Hello!  We are Cary & Mona Lee, originally from Fairview, MI, a small town Up North by the Au Sable River. 

We were married while I was still in the Army in 1978.  We have three adult children and four grand-children.  We have always been self-employed, since the Army.

My pastor says, “One out of ten people have a super addictive personality.  Ten kids start smoking…one gets hooked for life.”  He says, “Please, never start.”  I, Cary, am that one!  I’ve been addicted to work, alcohol and cigarettes most of my life.  For years, I started the day early with coffee, worked 15 to 16 hours a day, then pass out at night with alcohol.  In 2009 my diabetic body started to break down.  We had Espresso Coffee shops in Midland, MI.  My life became dark.  We lost the coffee shops and most everything.  I was broken.  I lay on my bed and said, ‘Lord, I don’t believe in you, but I want to.”  A warmth came up and down my body three times.  I cried so hard.  “Lord, Jesus, you are real!” I cried.  I asked the Lord “Please show me another business.  I promised to love people unconditionally.  You loved me when I was broken.  I will love people when they are broken.  I promise you, Lord, I will surrender all to you each day and praise your Holy name.”  I found the electronic cigarette in November of 2009.  Mona and I started A Clean Cigarette in February of 2010.  We only hire smokers who have switched from burning tobacco to A Clean Cigarette.  We’ve all been where you’re at, we understand.  We offer love and support and the best electronic cigarette.  We are truly Smokers Helping Smokers!  We have 14 locations and the best online support anywhere.  If you’re hooked on burning tobacco, we can help you.  We have the answer.

Thank you,
Cary & Mona Lee