About the Founders

Hello! We are Cary & Mona Lee, the founders of A Clean Cigarette. We have a story as do you and each magnificent person who works with us. First, we are all former smokers (except Mona) who have switched from burning tobacco with A Clean Cigarette. We only hire customers, who are now 100% free of burning tobacco. The reason is, you need to know we have walked in your shoes. Each of our Team Members can tell you how they were treated during their first visit at A Clean Cigarette. Which in turn helps them do an even better job, adding their own dash of spice, to being able to relate to the many different personalities and life experiences that customers bring to us. Mona and I grew up together in the small town of Fairview (about 500 people) in northern Michigan. We were married in 1978, as I was getting out of the Army at Fort Lewis, WA and have been self-employed ever since. Started out selling door-to-door, had our own janitorial business, as well as an advertising company. In 1994 we moved our family back to beautiful Michigan to start Espresso Coffee shops in Midland. Our three children are grown now and we have four grandkids, all doing great. However, it’s not all been a bed of roses. Sometimes we need to fail…totally lose it all, not only to test our values, but to humble ourselves and finally seek God. We had been in the coffee business for 10 years. In 2004 we expanded into the old McDonald’s Classic building in Saginaw. Double drive-thru windows! Perfect! Except…no matter what we did it never made money. We lost money every day, but I wasn’t going to give up! The next four years were hell…we lost everything. I lost my soul, my belief. I thought I had no value. Our oldest daughter gave me her car. I weakly promised to pay her back, but she had to just walk away. At that time we had been married over 30 yrs. I had been an insulin dependent diabetic for all those years. My blood sugar was a disaster. My eyes and my hands hurt. Finally I lay on the bed and said, “Lord Jesus, I don’t believe anything anymore. I’m useless and I want to die. Please, please, let me know you are real.” A burning sensation came over my whole body and I began to sweat and weep. I knew then, that He was real. The phone rang. It was a bill collector. I started to cuss him out, but he said, “Mr. Lee, stop. We believe your hardship is real. We are relieving your debt.” I began to cry deeper, and said, “God bless you.” And hung up. Soon another call came in. Same thing happened! Now I was praising the Lord! “Lord are you going to get rid of all my debt?” The third call was a seasoned bill collector. She was hard, cold and cruel. I just told her, “God bless you, I gotta go.” And hung up. For the first time ever, I totally surrendered to the Lord. Miracles started happening…and I met a man smoking an electronic cigarette! God opened my eyes to new possibilities. Now I get up in the morning thanking the Lord Jesus. I go to bed thanking the Lord. For the first time ever, I’m able to go to bed sober and at peace. When things fall apart I thank Him. When things are awesome, I thank Him. I love people so deep now. It’s easy to love and appreciate when you’ve been so low and GOD’S GRACE STILL SAVES YOU. I believe you attract people by your attitude and your words. We now have over 50 people employed at A Clean Cigarette. They all love people! We’ve helped thousands of people switch from tobacco to A Clean Cigarette. God is good. He desires us and that we follow Him.

Thank you,
Cary & Mona Lee