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E-Cigarette Michigan - Products

Are you considering buying an e-cigarette? Michigan smokers or interested individuals considering electronic cigarettes can browse through a full line of quality products at A Clean Cigarette. With our product line, you can successfully make the switch to a new lifestyle without the smoke of traditional tobacco products.


A Clean Cigarette is our exclusive product line. We carry all the replacement parts. We have a 90-day warranty on all our e-cigarettes parts. If you live in Michigan and have a problem with our product, bring your e-cigarette to any one of our Michigan stores so we can fix the problem for free. All our e-cigs are rechargeable.


We do carry a disposable cigar…but don’t just order it! Come in to one of our Michigan stores to get Free Puffs. Your taste buds will go wild! The engineers modeled these after real Cuban cigars. Take a good long hit, hold the delicious vapor in your mouth and run your tongue through it. Wow! Awesome! Come in to have fun. Get Free Puffs on our e-cigar and e-cigarette in our Michigan stores!


There are several advantages to making the switch to A Clean Cigarette. When you use our products, you are not inhaling smoke, only vaporized liquids that contain propylene glycol, flavor and nicotine. It is cleaner than a traditional cigarette as it leaves no stains on your teeth and fingers and emits no odor to transfer to clothes or furniture. Lastly, it's more affordable and more sustainable than buying traditional tobacco products as there is less waste.


We look forward to introducing you to the lifestyle of using an e-cigarette. Michigan smokers are welcome to come by our stores or order online today! When you come by any one of our 16 locations, you can even try before you buy! Remember, you get Free Puffs until we match your taste and smoking experience. With our special cartridge, it will feel like you’re smoking a tobacco cigarette. You’ll get lots of vapor! With our option of four levels of nicotine, we can match the same nicotine you get per puff from your tobacco cigarette. It’s as real as it gets! The NEW Real thing!

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