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Hello! We are A Clean Cigarette, Inc., headquartered in Saginaw, MI. All of our stores are located in Michigan!

Over 95% of our sales are through our 'people' stores. While only about 5% are from this online store.

We believe, when you walk into one of our stores, that if we genuinely care about you, and can match your smoking experience, you can walk out Tobacco Free! That's why we offer "Free Puffs!" at every location! An electronic cigarette specialist will help you sample our different nicotine levels, to match what you smoke now, and replace your smoking habit with A Clean Cigarette.

A Clean Cigarette is a high end electronic cigarette, designed to provide you with the same nicotine per puff that you are getting from your current tobacco product. We've gone to the manufacturing engineers over and over, in effort to improve this product, perfecting the throat hit, the vapor you exhale...the whole smoking experience!

When you're in our stores, you'll meet other customers that will happily tell you about their success with A Clean Cigarette and how much better they feel. Your family may not think you're a rock star, but we probably will! Please, let us get to know you! We're open long hours! Give us a try! As of Sept 2012, we've helped over 10,000 Michigan residents become Tobacco Free!

Thank you!
Cary & Mona Lee, Founders & Owners
and the incredible team of people who work with us!


Our New Podcast! Kickin' the Habit-Episode 1


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