You want how much for a pack of cigarettes?? How to save nearly half the cost!

Hey it is I, Dawn again. How is everyone today? Well as you may know I write a a couple of these blog post a day. So that means coming up with new content all the time. I get my inspiration from all types of places through out the day. Today this idea hit me like a lead brick when I heard a lady      at CleanCigaretteLogo(13the counter in the gas station asking about the price on her brand of cigarettes. I have to assume she does not buy her smokes at this particular place very often, and judging by the look on her face $7.24 was not the price she wanted to hear. She still bought them.

Me on the other hand, I am just standing there with my chin on my chest. I only switched delivery methods about 1.5 years ago. The brand she was asking about is the same brand I smoked. The issue, the price had gone up nearly a dollar in that time. What the heck! At that rate of growth you’ll need to mortgage your house for a pack of smokes by 2020. This is nuts. It reminded me again why I am very happy to have made the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. I only pay $3.50 at tops for a cartridge that is equal to between a pack and a pack and a half of traditional tobacco. I know that the measurements are pretty close to right, because I was a pack to a pack and a half a day traditional cigarette smoker, and now, I go through 1 full cartridge a day.

The whole experiences left me with a few questions. So I started to look around on line some in regards to cigarette prices. Here are all 50 states ranked as of 2014.

 cig prices 2cig prices 1After I saw this and did the math if I was still buying cigarette’s in Michigan where I live. Figuring it out at about $7.50 per pack at a pack a day I would be sending $7.5 x 365 = $2737.50 a year. But that is if I only smoke a pack a day, I smoked a full pack and a half a day. That’s about 45 packs a month with the average month being 30 days long. At that intake level I would have been spending 45 packs x 12 months = 540 x $7.5 =  $4050.00 per year!

Now lets figure out that same math with A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. I use 1 per day. I change it out at nearly the same time each day. Just after dinner so about 6 or 7 pm, because I need a fresh hard hitting cartridge for my after dinner “smoke”. So that’s 1 cartridge, which as a single cartridge purchase cost $3.50 each. If you buy them in higher quantities the price starts to Money-stack-psd48404drop, much like a carton of traditional tobacco. Sorry, back to the math, so $3.50 x 365 days a year = $1277.50. That’s a savings of $2772.50/year! What makes that so much better for me is I get to save all that AND get my nicotine!

That’s a win / win in my book.

Rock and Roll Vicky! Vicky is also an RN … We have a lot of RN’s on A Clean Cigarette!

Maybe that’s why my family and I could finally afford a vacation this year. I actually went to Las Vegas in June. The whole vacation did not cost as much as I saved by making the switch to A Clean Cigarette. I will add some pictures at the end of this blog. I took a few selfies of myself with my A Clean Cigarette. I did not know then that I would be doing a blog but we love to see Selfies of our customers living life after they have made the switch! If you happen to take one and post it to our FB page we will give you a free cartridge.   Here is one Posted on our FB by Ms. Vicky

Well that’s all for me tonight! I will be back, but if you have questions in the mean time email OR visit our web page at Thank you all so much!!!!



The Pictures I promised

lv lv5



                   Vegas Baby!



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