YAY for E-Cigarettes! More Great News To The Tune of 6.6 Million Lives!

A news report:

Hey there! Dawn here again, your ever loyal, ever ready A Clean Cigarette blogger. On a regular basis, I search out new information to bring to you regarding electronic cigarettes. Makes sense right? I mean as a blogger my main job is to look for information and content then turn that information into a blog that hopefully will inform and entertain my amazing readers. Seems pretty basic, but it’s not as simple as it may appear at first glance.

Oh sure the first year was a breeze, new info was all around and even if the information was not “new” it was all new to this blog and most of our readers. Then the second year came, I had to get a little more creative and a lot more ambitious with my searching. No problem though, as a relatively creative mind and as a person that has a ton of passion for the e-cigarette industry I always found a topic worth talking about, or I hope so anyway. Now though we are in our third year of the A Clean Cigarette blog and I have to tell you, the “new” information is not as easy to find and the content is much harder to come by.

Why do I tell you all of this? Well, it’s not to cry about it, nope I have always loved a challenge so for me the search for topics and info is at least half the fun! That being said much like the next guy, I am human. So Some weeks my creative juices are flowing, my curious mind is focused on the information hunt and my excitement level is tip-top. Other weeks….not so much.

This week was a not so much week for me. I found myself sitting at my computer, fingers ready and yet nothing….nothing at all came to mind. I even spent a large amount of time this weekend looking for things to chat about and I had tossed a few ideas around. Nothing clicked. So I went back over my old blogs, which is something I do sometimes and in the past this trick has planted seeds of ideas that have grown into some pretty great blogs. Not this week though….

Then I did one last search of current events. I didn’t really think there would be anything new because I had JUST done a current event search a few hours earlier. Great news, I was wrong. There was something new and in fact, the information was so new that the article had only been published an hour when I found it. The best part? It freaking great news for the electronic cigarette industry! Curious? Good, let’s take a look at what changed my ho-hum kinda day into a fingers flying, smile making, creative mind igniting kinda day.

The article that started it off was published in the Washington Times and is titled:

E-cigarettes, vaping could lengthen smokers’ lives: Study


Nice, very nice indeed! Of course, when I found this article I had to see what it said. Then I had followed the rabbit hole in order to find the study it mentions original source. I think what I discovered when I got to the research paper is pretty amazing. Take a look for yourself and you decide if this is as amazing as I feel that it is.

The Who and Where:

The research paper which is titled “Potential deaths averted in USA by replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes” was published online October 2nd  in the peer-review journal BMJ Tobacco Control has a multitude of amazing authors and was headed up by Dr. David Levy from Georgetown University.  When I say amazing authors, boy do I mean it, these guys have credibility enough to impress even the most skeptical hard-nosed naysayer. Take a look at this image I captured off of the BMJ website regarding author affiliations:

Man, look at some of these credentials, impressive! There are researchers involved in this from reputable places such as Yale University, The Lombardi Cancer Center, The Schroeder Institute, and The University of Michigan! Alright, so it’s fairly obvious that these guys mean business and they are only interested in finding the truth.

The Method: These guys created a “Status Quo Scenario, developed to project smoking rates and health outcomes in the absence of vaping, is compared with Substitution models, whereby cigarette use is largely replaced by vaping over a 10-year period.

That being said, what did this group of scholars and researchers decide after looking at and reviewing their evidence?

The Findings: “Compared with the Status Quo, replacement of cigarette by e-cigarette use over a 10-year period yields 6.6 million fewer premature deaths with 86.7 million fewer life years lost in the Optimistic Scenario. Under the Pessimistic Scenario, 1.6 million premature deaths are averted with 20.8 million fewer life years lost. The largest gains are among younger cohorts, with a 0.5 gain in average life expectancy projected for the age 15 years cohort in 2016.” and “Our projections show that a strategy of replacing cigarette smoking with vaping would yield substantial life year gains, even under pessimistic assumptions regarding cessation, initiation and relative harm.”

What it all means:

Simple, it means that if we as a society could team up together and kick all the burning tobacco nicotine delivery systems out of the equation and just replace those out-dated nicotine delivery systems with electronic nicotine delivery systems (or e-cigarettes to be less technical) then it is very likely that lives would be saved and lengthened. How good the news is will depend on how fast and how complete the switch is. They came up with a pessimistic outcome and an optimistic one. Let’s take a look:

The Pessimistic outcome: If smoking rates and interventions continuing as they are, there would be 1.6 million fewer deaths and as much as 20.8 million fewer total life years lost.

The Optimistic outcome: They projected that if all smokers switched to electronic nicotine delivery systems then it would result in 6.6 million fewer premature deaths and as many as 86.7 million fewer combined years lost.

WOWA! Look at those numbers. If these guys are right then this is HUGE! Truth is the numbers almost seem too big to wrap your mind around so let me break it down a little more. In the best case scenario, that means that as many as 6.6 million grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, lovers, spouses, aunts, uncles, friends and loved ones will still be around to give, at 1 hug a year, a total of 86.7 Million more hugs. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty darn amazing to me.

So ya, not such a ho-hum day after all eh? In fact, I would say this has been a DARN good blogging day, darn good indeed! So when you see a smoker, tell them it’s time to switch. Let’s change the history books to the tune of 6.6 million human lives in the next 10 years. We can do this and for the first time in history, we as smokers have options, we just need to take advantage of them.

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