With all the e-cigarette hysteria going on, what’s Big tobacco been up to?


Hello and thanks for dropping by! Dawn here again and I want to tell you how much I really appreciate each and everyone of you who takes minutes out of your busy life to read this blog. I really mean that, thank you. This blog is designed to help spread the word about all things electronic cigarette. By all things I mean both good and bad. Thankfully the good far out ways the bad. Check out what I mean in this post HERE that I published not that long ago. It’s a good read and it really touches base on what Doctors have to say good and bad about e-cigarettes.

When A Clean Cigarette does research or learns anything that may affect the lives of our customers we WANT to share it with you. It just seems like the logical and human thing to WANT to do. It’s not that we are saints, it’s just that it’s the right thing to do. People have the right to know about what we are putting into our bodies. It’s not like once we find out something is bad for us we suddenly never touch it again.

Case and Point: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Soda, Sun Tanning, Driving Fast, Salt, Over Eating, Unprotected Sex, Plastic Bottles, Prescribed Prescription Drugs……the list goes on and on. 

Everyone of the items on that list can kill you. That’s about as bad as it gets for bad side effects, there is nothing much worse in life, than dying. That fact however does not stop most of us from doing most if not all of the things on that list daily. (Although I hope that most of us are avoiding the texting while driving one!) Why? Because we want to do some of those things and we understand the risks. As adults we have made the educated decision to do what we want vs. what is the healthiest for us. I like having a drink from time to time, but since I know that binge drinking will make me ill and alcohol can be addictive, I do not drink to excess or too often. But I do drink and have been known to drink more than a few when I am in the mood to party. I want to, so I do. 

All that being said there is something important to note about the first deadly thing on our case and point list, cigarettes. Unlike the other items on the list, people were not able to make an educated decision about smoking burning tobacco for a very long time. We can now, but that simply was not always the case. Why? Was it because like in the case of things like soda, we just did not know at first, but as studies and research came in doctors and even the soda companies have admitted the risks. We know that soda rots teeth and in some cases causes deadly diseases like diabetes, we still drink it, but we know so that’s okay… Nope that is not why. In the case of cigarettes the why behind people being unable to make educated decisions is simple and cruel. The why is, they lied. They knew and they lied. Take a peek at this USA Today article:

“Tobacco companies will say they lied, via advertising

That’s right they not only lied they lied so bad that the US Justice Department required them to to apologize for lying to us. We are not talking about a regular run of the mill lie either. (Not that any lie is good but when Big Tobacco does it, they do it BIG.) For instance in a document published by WHO, The World Health Organization, “In 1998, six million once secret documents, over 35 million pages, became available to the public as the result of legal action.” Yep it  took legal action to get the truth out of big tobacco. in fact also according to this document the 6 million once secret documents only came to light in the first place because of “A lawsuit brought by an individual for personal injury in the 1980s (Cipollone v Liggett) was the first to uncover some of the internal documents through discovery, revealing a hidden face of the tobacco industry.” . This lie was not a short lived lie neither. Check out the date on this quote of a quote also found in the WHO documents. ” “Obviously evidence accumulated to indict cigarette smoke as a health hazard is overwhelming. However, the evidence challenging that indictment is scant.” R.J. Reynolds senior scientist, 1962 Bates no. 504822823/2846 “

That means that at a minimum they knew cigarettes were terrible for our health at least as early as 1962! The lawsuit that found some of the documents did not happen until the 1980s. That at least 2 decades and I don’t know about you but I don’t buy that that is the earliest information they had even for a second. Why is this important to the electronic cigarette industry? How can the past lies that Big tobacco told, which cost millions of lives around the world, have anything to do with now?

Well today I was doing my typical internet crawl in search of ideas for this blog. I found a bunch of stuff. I even had a blog idea started that I ended up scrapping when I was suddenly looking at an article that had me tilting my head and squinting my eyes. I found it on reuters.com and the headline is:

“In twist, scientists join tobacco companies to fight cancer”

It intrigued me and I read on, before I tell you what I found I would like to point something out. The reason we call Big tobacco, Big tobacco is because they have Big money. Not kind of Big Money, not even sorta or really Big money. We are talking about mind blowing gargantuan Big money. In fact according to the WorldLungFoundation.org. 

New Tobacco Atlas Estimates U.S. $35 Billion Tobacco Industry Profits and Almost 6 Million Annual Deaths

*In 2010, tobacco industry’s profit was equivalent to US$6,000 for each death caused by tobacco.
* Since the 1st Tobacco Atlas in 2002, almost 50 million people have died from tobacco.
* 43 trillion cigarettes have been smoked in the last decade.

“In 2010, the combined profits of the six leading tobacco companies was U.S. $35.1 billion, equal to the combined profits of Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and McDonald’s in the same year. If Big Tobacco were a country, it would have a gross domestic product (GDP) of countries like Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Venezuela.”

Alright so back to the World Lung Foundation’s article. Knowing that Big tobacco can easily out spend anyone they want to, including but not limited to small countries. So I guess I should not have been shocked when I found a picture of a vapor unit next to an article that says; “Philip Morris International Inc has hired more than 400 scientists and technical staff at its research facility in Neuchatel, Switzerland, including toxicologists, chemists, biologists, biostatisticians and regulatory affairs experts. Altria Group Inc, makers of Marlboro, has recruited dozens of scientific and healthcare experts”

That’s a lot of spending for you or I, but for a company that gets 1/6th of 35.1 billion dollars every single year, even at 300K/year a piece for each of the 400 new employees they will still have 34.98 billion dollars profit. That’s not gonna hurt their bottom dollar at all when they barley spent over the .1 part of that massive number. So when they say that they are trying to help public health, after they spent years hiding the truth INTENTIONALY, my eyes nearly rolled out of my head.

Now I am not saying that this research will not lead to amazing things, e-cigarettes are pretty amazing and I have no doubt that the money Big tobacco will be investing in this area will change things as we know it in the health world. But I am not for one second going to buy that it has ANYTHING to do with helping public health. I do not believe Big tobacco, a company that is responsible for millions if not billions of deaths, suddenly has the best interest of the public in mind.

It seems I am not alone in my doubt either, the article goes on to say that:

 “With each new generation of products there’s a temptation to believe they got it wrong before but they’ve got it right now,” said Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.”

   Victor DeNoble, an experimental psychologist specializing in the impact of drugs on the brain, joined Philip Morris in 1980 to create a cigarette that caused fewer heart attacks, a challenge he found exciting. But when his work showed that nicotine is addictive the company closed down his lab and suppressed the research. A decade later, DeNoble became the first whistleblower to testify against the industry before Congress.

   “The tobacco industry now says ‘we made mistakes and we want to correct them, and that’s why we want you to join us,'” he said. “The lure is still public health. But I’m older and wiser and I can’t trust an industry that has repeatedly broken its promises.”

Exactly. That is exactly how I feel about what is going on here. I do not see the tobacco industry using e-cigs to help people get off of tobacco. That is not what they are spending their money on. Why would they? They have already shown that profits are worth more than lives to them. They are really trying to find out how to make the most cash out of it. There is always hope that I am wrong but if that past is any indicator; lying, it’s just how they roll.

How do we roll? Well a while back in this blog HERE. I announced the fact that we are in the proccess pf hiring Sparrow to do a clinical trial. We are funding it all on our own. No, we do not have anywhere near the pocket change of Big tobacco. Yes, we are testing to find out if A Clean Cigarette’s brand of electronic cigarette can be useful in helping people switch off of tobacco. We want to see how often it leads to people quitting. We also want to see if there are any side effects we do not know about them, but lots of studies have been done on that. They tend to come out better than good.

So I guess what I am saying is, as a small company A Clean Cigarette knows it can not compete in the money arena with Big tobacco, but we want to put our word against theirs. We can not just compete, we can dominate. We do what we say and say what we do. We want informed and educated buyers. Nothing including e-cigarettes are good for you to inhale except for clean air. We want you to know that, because it’s the human thing to do.

Thanks for listening to my rant today. I am sorry it is so long! If you have any questions drop me an e-mail to AccAnswer@gmail.com. I love to hear from everyone who writes in! If you would like more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes, check out our new and improved web site at acleancigarette.com. Thanks again!





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