Why would you pick a name like A Clean Cigarette, what makes it clean?

Hehe, I love this question! Dawn again, and today we are going to touch base about our name, A Clean Cigarette. There are a lot of people that think we are either nuts or naive when it comes to picking such a controversial name. I mean just having the word Cigarette in it can make advertisingCleanCigaretteLogo(13 difficult, but to say A Clean Cigarette is almost a claim, isn’t it? How can a cigarette be clean? As I am sure you know making claims for E-cigs is shaky ground. Regardless of how many studies, customer testimonies or success stories we bring forward, we are constantly told that if we make claims we will be fined at the bare minimum. Well, this is how we see it.

A Clean Cigarette is clean because it does not have the few things that burning cigarettes have, and this time I am not even talking about the 600 ingredients OR the 4000 chemicals. Nope, I am talking about things we simply do not have. Lets take a look at a few of them.

lungs comicTar is the most deadly of things that we simply do not have in an A Clean Cigarette brand e-cig. There is not a single type of burning tobacco cigarette that can say that. So ya that makes us “cleaner”.


ashAsh…yep we just do not have it. If you are a smoker or used to be a smoker than you know how dirty ash is. Cigarette ash is just gross. So our lack of it: makes us cleaner!


smokeSmoke! That’s right, there is no smoke in an A Clean Cigarette, that has to be cleaner right?


eliminating-cigarette-stench2The stink of burning tobacco is something customers notice is missing right away! Most are very grateful for the fact that A Clean Cigarette brand E-cigs are missing this part of the burning tobacco nicotine delivery system. Their families are grateful as well!

So now you know what makes an A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette, clean. I look forward to hearing from you! Please leave a comment, send and email to info.acc.repl@gmail.com or check out our website at acleancigarette.com. Thank you everyone who has visited us here on the A Clean Cigarette blog. I truly appreciate you! Thank You!!





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