Why we are not a smoking cessation tool.

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Hey guys Dawn here and today on the A Clean Cigarette blog we are going to break something down that is a huge worry to the FDA and other regulators. The issue? E-Cigarettes claiming to be smoking cessation tools.

Here at A Clean Cigarette, we take pride in being very honest. We are even honest about the fact that e-cigs are NOT perfectly safe for you, although the scientific evidence is claiming that they are “magnitudes” safer than smoking burning tobacco. They are not good for you especially to non-smokers, but if you are a smoker they are at least an alternative to the world’s deadliest product. (Mind you we are not claiming that e-cigs are safer than anything we just making the evidence available.) 

One of the things that the FDA is concerned about is that e-cigs are claiming to be smoking cessation devices. They do not care that tons of e-cig users have claimed they helped them quit smoking. No, what they care about is that e-cigs are NOT a currently approved smoking cessation device.

Agree or Disagree

Regardless of whether we agree with the FDA or not the truth is they are NOT FDA approved cessation devices. That does not mean that no one has ever used them as cessation devices. What it does mean is that we as e-cigarette companies can not and should not claim something that we are not. Some in the industry are mad about that but do we really want to be an FDA approved smoking cessation product?

I realize that may seem like a really silly question. Why wouldn’t we want to be considered a smoking cessation device?

The Why as I see it.

The first thing to keep in mind is I am NOT saying people who can quit smoking with these products or any product should stop working towards their goals. I don’t care how you do it, just quit. In fact, one of the reasons that I think being an FDA cessation device is not a good idea is that so many folks use them in so many different ways. Including but not limited to as an alternative to smoking the world’s deadliest product, burning tobacco cigarettes.

Did you hear that word?…alternative

Unlike FDA approved products like the patch gum, which are almost exclusively used by people looking to quit smoking, e-cigs offer options.

Yes if you wanted to you could use the different nicotine levels to slowly lower your nic intake until it is feasible to stop nicotine altogether. Then once you are on a 0 nic product you could work on breaking the hand to mouth part of smoking. And many of our customers have reported using A Clean Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes in exactly that way. While we don’t claim that we are glad that you quit smoking burning tobacco.

That’s not the only way it is used though. Many people are only looking for an alternative

Who doesn’t want to quit?

Actually, a lot of folks don’t want to quit. They just want the option to keep getting nicotine without the stuff inside cigarettes. They are not looking to walk down. They do not want our tips on breaking the hand to mouth habit. In many cases, they plan on using e-cigs as their alternative nicotine delivery system for the rest of their lives.

If it were just about nicotine delivery though, there are other alternatives out there that can get nicotine into the body. Most of which are FDA cessation approved. Products like the patch and gum. But it’s not JUST about the nicotine with a smoker.

What smokers want…

We want to smoke. Well, actually we want to be left alone about our smoking. We are tired of being villainized because of a legal habit and we want to smoke without dying. As it happens neither of those things is a reality for most of us smokers. Until e-cigs that is. Now people can smoke and their loved ones congratulate them on switching and while the habit may still harm us we are no longer puffing on a product that kills more than half a million a year. The best part? E-cigs cost about half as much as cigarettes do.

The problem with FDA approval

I can understand why some of you might be saying that people could use these products any way they want even after an FDA smoking cessation approval. For the most part, you are right but have you looked at the cost?

Getting approved as a smoking cessation device means getting approved as a pharmaceutical device. That means decades of studies and years of regulatory red tape. That means big cost and big dealings with big pharma. Cost’s that are way more than the already SUPER expensive regulatory cost we are looking at for the PMTA.

That means gone are the days of nicotine delivery for a reasonable price. My best guess is that by the time everything was done our prices would go from $3.75 a cartridge (1+ packs worth of puffs) to at least $6.50-$7.50 a cartridge (Still 1+ packs worth of puffs). Would anyone spend more than cigarettes to use e-cigs? Probably not. And what about the folks who can barely afford them now, even if they wanted to stay switched their budgets may not allow for it.

What do we get for all this cost and possible human loss?

Just the ability to call ourselves an FDA approved smoking cessation product. Nothing more. That’s it. To me, all of that does not seem worth it. Why? People are smart creatures as a general rule. When we see a tool we can decide for ourselves how to use that tool. We don’t need to say something just to make it true for the ones who choose to use the tool in a way that leads them off burning tobacco.

So ya, we are NOT a smoking cessation device. We don’t want to be. We are just a tool that smokers use in a variety of ways.  Finally an alternative to burning tobacco.

Thank you

Thanks for stopping in today.  As always please share this blog post around. Spreading the truths about this industry helps us all. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about us visit www.acleancigarette.com





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