Why, if electronic cigarettes appear to be the best option, do so many oppose the industry?

logoshadow1Hello there:) This is me, Dawn here again for our daily chat regarding electronic cigarettes. I will let you in on a little secret about myself. Rarely if every do I know what I am going to write about when I sit in front of my lap top. Sometimes I have to search the internet for content ideas until something inspires me. Sometimes, like today, I just sit down and start typing with no real idea where I am going with the post. <<Hard pause here for brain to give fingers something to say.>>

Tons of topic ideas come to mind, its just deciding what is best to talk about that is hard. We could talk about the stuff that comes with your nicotine when you get it using the burning tobacco delivery method. We have talked about it before but there is so much information involved there is always more to share. If you are ever really curious about what exactly happens in the processioning of Big tobacco’s cigarettes, check out this video. The video is about 8 minutes long. I can tell you that if you had to take a drink every time they talked about adding something to it you’d be wasted at the end of this 8 minutes.

The fact is by the time the tobacco plant is sprayed down with pesticides then processed to holy heck then added to a filter and wrapped in chemical laden paper cigarettes contain over 600 ingredients and 4000+ chemicals. Its disgusting and we all know it. And while we are on the subject lets talk about that filter. Look at what we are dealing with hear. ⇓


What about the Tar that this mentions? Well, tar is only found in burning tobacco because it is lit on fire. Simply put no fire no tar. That fact alone is one of the best legs A Clean Cigarette has to stand on as far as our name. We are definitely clean of tar.

See that topic was a good one to write and chat about. Another good topic that comes to mind when I sit here thinking about what is best to talk about regarding e-cigarettes is really more of a mini history lesson. Most people see technology around them every day. As a whole we take it for granted that updates in technology just happen. We rarely see the battle it can sometimes be to make people see how good an update can be for the world. What we do see is that once the update takes place, changes happen for the better all the time. Check out a few of the best updates that have happened over the last 100 years or so. ⇓


These updates in technology met rather small amounts of resistance. I mean who doesn’t think that computers are a much more useful tool then typewriters? Some updates on the other hand don’t get the same warm and fuzzy reception. That does not mean they are not just as useful of an update.  More so sometimes. Typically it just means that some corporation or power that be does not want the new update changing the way things are working. Why would a huge profit hungry corporation want a new and technologically advanced product coming along to hurt their bottom dollar? Let’s take a look at one of the best examples of a great leap in technological advancement that nearly got bombed because it threatened a corporation that was considered huge in its day.


That’s right, when the horse and cart industry felt threatened by the newest and far superior mode of transportation they had a fit. It really is logical though. They knew it meant a near extinction of their business. Take a look at how history records this.

car So if we learn from the past then it should not surprise us that big corporations, big tobacco and big pharmacy are not excited about a product that could hurt their bottom lines. Come to think of it big government is not all that excited about that happening either. It’s not in their best interest to want electronic cigarettes to thrive.This map shows the income per pack that each state gets off of taxes. It’s from 2012 so chances are these numbers have went up not down

taxSo at $2.00 a pack and assuming that the CDC is right in their 1.5 ish million smokers best estimate, we can see why the government would not want to loose this income. It totals 3 million plus dollars a year. 3 mill x 50 states is as much as 150 million dollars! That’s a huge chunk of change. Keep in mind to that this number does not even include the income that the government makes of the big class action lawsuit that pays the states for all of the terrible health cost incurred due to tobacco related illnesses. It’s mind boggling.

Well look at that. When I sat down I did not know what we would be talking about today. Now over 800 words later I need to stop talking even though I have a ton more information I want to share with you! Well there is always a next time right? For this time I want to leave you with one thought. Updates are important for our society to continue moving forward. The nicotine delivery systems of the past are without argument the worse way to deliver something into your body regardless of what that something is. It is time to switch from out dated systems to the 21st centuries updated product. Technology at its best. With A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes, you are getting as close to the original cigarette as possible, with all the benefits of updating your delivery method. Check us out at acleancigarette.com for more information.DSC_0111

If you have any questions drop me a line at AccAnswers@gmail.com. I will always try to find you what ever information you need. I also love to get content and blog ideas. I want to know what you want to know about!! Thank you so much!





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