Whitmer, Michigan Flavor Bans, Research, Deaths and the FDA.. What’s going on?

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Hey, guys, it’s Dawn here again and if you have been paying ANY attention to the news lately then you know there is a lot of it. At least in regards to electronic cigarettes and vapor issues. Frankly its enough to make a girls head spin. With all that is going on right now, I figured a good blog to do would be a current event round up. We are just going to touch on some of the hottest issues in an effort to help all of us understand what’s going on in the e-cigarette world.

1. What’s Going on with people getting sick and dying?

I know we have covered this a few times but the fact of the matter is, this is important.

You have probably heard about the 200 plus deaths that have been linked to “vaping”. It has certainly been covered in depth by the media. What you may not have heard, since the media does not report this, is that None…Not a single one of these cases are reported to be linked to nicotine-based vaping or e-cigarettes. In almost every case it has been confirmed that the patents were vaping THC cartridges that in most cases were made on the street.

Click HERE to read about it and other things people vape that make them sick.

How you can help

Educate, educate, educate. When you are around someone who does not understand what’s going on, help them. Share your stories and the truths you know. Educate smokers and non-smokers alike.

Why help?

Because burning tobacco has killed more people than all of the wars that have ever happened on earth. Think about that for a minute. Millions of people.  When it comes down to it adult smokers deserve options.

2. What’s going on in Michigan with flavors?

As many of you know Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer (D) made a vast sweeping decision to make Michigan the first state to ban flavors for vape juice. Then she took it a step further by including Menthol in the ban.

Typically something like this has to be made into a bill passed through the state Senate and the House. Apparently, our Governor does not understand the democratic process because instead of doing it right. She decided to use the 6 cases of people getting sick here in Michigan as a reason stomp all over our rights.

By “our rights” I am not talking about A Clean Cigarette’s right. although she stomped on those too. No, I am talking about adult smoker’s rights. We STRONGLY believe that if menthol is available in burning tobacco then there is NO reason it should be banned from the only alternative to burning tobacco.

What you can do to help:

Please contact Whitmer whether you live in Michigan or not.  She needs to understand that we have rights. Being a smoker should not change that.

What's going on with Gov Whitmer flavor ban

3. What’s going on with the FDA?

Goodness, this section could be 30 pages long and still not cover all that is happening with the FDA and the PMTA. (Premarket Tobacco Application) If you want a bit of an in-depth look at the PMTA process then check out our blog HERE.

Outside of the PMTA the FDA and the CDC have had a ton to say about the recent outbreak of vaping related lung infections. While they are very loud to tell everyone to stop vaping. Even before there is any evidence that supports the call. What they are NOT saying is that these “vaping” related illnesses are related to vaping THC and other substances.

When it comes to these guys stay posted for future updates!

4. What’s going on in other e-cig news?

Meanwhile back at the Lancet. Research is still being published. This week’s research brings us to a place the FDA wants to avoid. Smoking cessation. Now to be clear this research proves nothing. What it does is show that it is very feasible that e-cigarettes combined with nicotine patches together may be a great option for smokers looking to get away from burning tobacco.

Check out the report for yourself:

Nicotine patches used in combination with e-cigarettes (with and without nicotine) for smoking cessation: a pragmatic, randomised trial

Well, that is about it for this week’s summary of the current events. I know it’s a lot and for that reason, I have kept each section brief. Still, we are at just shy of 1000 words. That’s plenty for now. Keep checking back for more and remember to call Gov. Whitmer as often as you would like. Let’s keep her in-box and voicemail full up.

Thank you for everyone that’s visited here to learn more. Education is the tool we have and we need to use it.



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