When is a company picnic more than just a picnic?

Hello! Dawn here you’re loyal A Clean Cigarette. Before we get started I would like to say that whether this is your first visit or you are a returning reader, Thank You so much for stopping in. Most weeks I talk about things like the science behind e-cigarettes and current events in the media regarding e-cigs. Not this week though, this week we are going to take a peek behind the scenes at this years A Clean Cigarette Company picnic.

Before we get started with all the great pictures of summer fun, I think it is important to point out that underneath all the sun and fun there is so much more to an A Clean Cigarette company picnic than any other company picnic that I have ever been to. I mean there is all the normal small talk and laughs, and from the outside looking in it probably does not seem all that different from the typical co/worker social event that pops to mind when I say “Company Picnic”.  But while most co/workers may work together and even get along together, as a general rule there is not much else they have in common, that is not the case for us here at A Clean Cigarette.

Every single one of us has made the switch.

Like our tagline says we are “smokers helping smokers”. We have battled the burning tobacco delivery method and switched to an updated delivery method. Every single one of us started as smokers and every single one of us understands the hold that nicotine has on us.

As a matter of fact that is is the whole reason that A Clean Cigarette hired us, because we understand. A Clean Cigarette needed us to understand, not just to help fellow smokers switch but also to ensure that we won’t be selling these devices to never smokers. Long-term smokers who are battling nicotine understand how HORRIBLE it would be to start another human on this path. A Clean Cigarette is so dedicated to avoiding sales to never smokers that it’s actually a huge part of our business plan.

Hiring smokers who will be able to help smokers to switch and stop non-smokers from starting is not the only thing that A Clean Cigarette does to protect never smokers either. Because we are so dedicated to helping and not hurting many parts of our business plan are directed towards doing what is right vs doing what is popular or most profitable. Take our packaging, it’s simple and boring and with any luck the last brand of e-cigarette that will become trendy with the young market. The same is true with our basic cig-a-like design. Sure we could have made more $$$ if we would have sold more types of devices, but then we would run the risk of becoming interesting and that risk was not worth the profit. That is one of the reasons we never offered a wide variety of flavors. Sure some adults like them, but so do kids and that’s a huge issue and again not worth the risk of becoming attractive to kids.

As you can tell a lot of our choices are based on heart, not $$$ and that is the same for our teammates. We are all heart when it comes to our fellow smokers as we help them battle burning tobacco and when warriors battle, they bond. Which means that when it comes to company picnics, they are more than just co/worker social events. They are battle worn champions that are coming together with a bond only a joint fight can create.

Now back to the sun and fun! I have pics and lots of them.

First the food: There was A LOT of food!


And then there was the pool: Awesome!


Click to view slideshow.



Bounce house fun: Yay!!



The best for last: Time to visit, smile and laugh.


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Fun, fun, fun was all the rave this year and I for one am so glad that I was able to go. Some of our team members are not shown in the pics not because they did not attend but because I bite at photo taking and people were coming and going the entire day. Thank you again for stopping by the blog today to hear a bit of the A Clean Cigarette story and enjoy our summer fun with us.  I hope to see you back here next week when we get an update on some current events in the electronic cigarette world. If you are looking for information on A Clean Cigarette please visit www.ACleanCigarette.com. Thank you!!




PS we did a photo booth this year and have some fun pics because of it. Here is a peek at some of the highlights.

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