When good science meets bad media


Hey guys! Dawn here, your ever ready A Clean Cigarette blogger. Today I am going to do a little ranting. Have you ever been looking at the daily news when a headline catches your eye? Click, click in moments you are reading the information and then moving on with your day. right? Well, what happens when good information is reported poorly by bad media? What if you continue on with your day only to learn later that the information in that article was possibly fake news? Worse yet what if you never learn it was fake news and instead start quoting the article as fact. Both to yourself and others.

The unfortunate truth is that this happens every day. Not all topics have watch guards to make sure information is accurate and fair. Even when they do have people fact-checking the information, those fact checkers can be bad media and fake news spreaders themselves. That’s a really sad situation for the world as a whole. Misinformation helps no one worth helping.

The Good News

When it comes to the e-cigarette industry you guys have me. Now to be fair that’s not all that impressive. I am a mother of three with an average education and even more average everything else. I am not a doctor or a scientist and I am definitely not grammatically correct. What I am though is a smoker who made the switch. One that really hates bad media and fake news.

Why do I tell you all this about me? It’s simple, I want my readers to be fully aware of who you are getting info from. I also want to encourage my readers to follow the sources I post and look for yourself.  If an article does not add sources….it’s probably bad media or fake news.

My promise

While I may not hold a PhD or have a fancy title, I am passionate. I am passionate about a product that in my opinion changed my life. My passion leads me to be a truth seeker. I want to know what I am putting into me and I want to know what I am using around my loved ones. Then I share what I find.

With all of that said, I promise to always share information as fairly as possible. I also promise to provide sources and links to back up my claims.  I also encourage you to drop me a line if you think I missed something. It’s okay to for more eyes then mind to help if want this stuff to be right.

The thing is every one that reports on any topic should feel the same way, at least in my opinion. When bad media twists information and news, it straight out ticks me off.

What started this rant…

Like any other day, I found myself thumbing through the typical online news sources. You know the ones that google pops up on your screen. Some from decent media sources. Others not so much. When I came across this headline in the Philly Post:

Flavored e-cigarettes may lead to heart disease, study finds

Cinnamon and menthol are flavors best avoided


Stop the presses! I am a menthol smoker, I MUST read this study.

This, of course, sent me searching the article for sources to be fair I did find one. I mean not a link to the study they were talking about but to a link to another article. This article was posted on eurekalert.org  and said pretty much the same thing as the first article with a few exceptions. It also had a better source. The actual published article on the study. Which is found on the Journal of the American College of Cardiologist website.

So is it bad media or good reporting?

Unfortunately, the answer is not good. These articles are some of the worse bad reporting out there. Because the “facts” in these articles are mixed with just enough truth and just enough bull that they could definitely mislead a lot of readers.

The Evidence

Rember that good source we talked about? The actual study report? Well here is a screenshot of it. in this screenshot, you will see a search bar in the upper right-hand side. That’s me TRYING to find the word menthol…..it came up exactly 0 times in the entire release….huh

Screenshot. Bad-media. Fake news


That had me confused but since this is a study release and not the study I had to dig deeper. So I jumped through the hoops and signed up as a member, then created an account, then paid $35 to see the full study. Unfortunately, I can not share that study with you, due to copy write laws. However, if you want to buy it the link above will get you there. Fortunately, the full report did shed some lite on the headlines and confirmed to me that they are bad media, verging on fake news.

What I found in the full study:


Is the number of pages in the study


That is the number of times menthol is mentioned. (It was tested so it had to be mentioned)

That is how many times menthol is mentioned in the results of the study.


The number of times the word nicotine is found in the study.

The Number of times the word nicotine is found in the results


That headline is not a complete lie. All of the flavors tested caused some amount of issue. In most cases, the findings appear to say that NONE of these issues was greater than the issues people who smoke face. As for the cardiac issues. While the flavors tested had some impact, it seems nicotine still the main cause of cardiovascular issues in both smokers and switchers.

Study Conclusions

“Our data demonstrated that selected e-liquid flavorings have detrimental effects on endothelial cell viability and function, changes that are accompanied by increased ROS and caspase 3/7 activity. We also showed that the use of e-cigarettes alone is capable of increasing plasma nicotine concentrations comparable to levels achieved via conventional cigarettes, indicating that e-cigarettes provide effective and measurable nicotine delivery.

In addition, our results show increased ROS generation and inflammatory cytokines present in serum was observed in concert with acute e-cigarette use–induced endothelial dysfunction, as indicated by impaired tube formation of iPSC-ECs. As e-cigarette use becomes more widespread, additional studies of their health effects become more urgent as this understanding could inform both public health policy and regulation. Nonetheless, our current findings are an important first step in filling this gap by providing mechanistic insights on how e-cigarettes cause endothelial injury and dysfunction, which are an important risk factors for the development of CVD.”

While we are glad this study claims e-cigs deliver similar amounts of the cardiac disease causing nicotine found in cigarettes. Yes, nothing you inhale besides clean air is “good” for you. If you are a non-smoker they are bad. If you are a current smoker however the research is looking pretty positive as far as the value of making the switch.

Wrapping it up

Overall it was a far cry from the original headline that was trending on national news outlets. “Flavored e-cigarettes may lead to heart disease, study finds; Cinnamon and menthol are flavors best avoided”  

That headline sure throws flavors especially menthol under the bus eh? Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Bogus headlines reporting on half-truths. Well as a menthol smoker I am sure glad I took the time to look at the real facts behind this headline. And I am still glad I use this, versus smoking that.

Rant over.

Thank you

Thank you so much for letting me vent. Bad media and fake news is a bane to our industry. It’s not surprising to me that right as the FDA tries to decide what to do with flavors in the electronic cigarette and vape worlds that bad media pops up. Help us spread the word, help us get real information out so we can battle the fake stuff. Click share here or on our FB page and be sure to leave a comment. Every click, Every keystroke counts when it comes to getting the word out! Thanks again!




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