What to vape if you like being sick…or worse.

A Clean CigaretteHey, guys welcome to the A Clean Cigarette blog. I am Dawn here to talk about all things burning tobacco, e-cigarette, and vapor related. Most days I come on here with news about studies or current events with the FDA and the upcoming regulations. Sometimes I talk about promotions we are offering or how burning tobacco damages the body. Unfortunately, today we will not be chatting about any of those topics. Instead today we are going to talk about what to vape if you like getting sick…or worse yet dying.

Obviously, no one WANTS to die from vaping, so what am I talking about? 

Recently you may have heard about the nearly 200 people that have been hospitalized with a mysterious vaping related lung infection. In fact, if you have NOT heard about these infections then you may want to watch the news a bit more. It seems like every station and news site out there has had something to say about it. We even did our own blog post on it about two weeks ago but a lot has happened in those two weeks.

The CDC even posted a health notice to help keep the public informed. Unfortunately, it was vague and blamed the whole issue on “E-Cigs”. Which in our opinion is a bit misleading since most folks look at cig-a-likes or closed cartridge devices as e-cigs. While tank and refillable models are typically considered vapes. We just think that since most, if not all, of these cases lean to the vape end vs the e-cig end of the industry they should have been more clear. The fact is open products like tanks can have outside things added much easier than closed units.  That being said, that could be us splitting hairs.

What is causing vaping related the lung infections?

Well, the jury is still out on this. Which makes sense. It can take a lot of time to put together the lives 200 or so people from all over the US in an attempt to find something they all have in common. What they DO know is that all of the people used a vape unit recently and in most cases (if not all) they have used e-fluid that contains either THC or Spice (counterfeit THC). They also believe that most (again if not all) the fluid was bought on the streets vrs at a dispensary or reputable vape shop.

Which brings us back to what to vape if you like being sick or worse. 

Since all of this is going on I have been looking all over the internet to find out what other STUPID things people vape. I was horrified at all the things I found. Due to there being so many really bad ideas out there I thought we would list a few things that should never be vaped. Unless you like being sick that is.

What to vape if you like being sick or worse:


what to vape if you like being sick Viagra

#1 Perscription Drugs

Do I really need to tell you why vaping prescription drugs is a bad idea? You would think not but unfortunately, there have been numerous reports of people vaping a variety of prescription drugs. So much so that the FDA had to put out a warning asking people not to vape these drugs. The actual wording on this issue was “These FDA-approved prescription drugs are not approved for inclusion in e-liquid products sold over the counter and are therefore being sold illegally.”

The situation got really interesting when batches of Viagra and Cialis laced e-liquid was being sold over the internet. A sad fact of that situation is the sites looked legit. They weren’t. Really they were just scammers and money grabbers looking to make a quick buck off trusting uninformed consumers. Don’t be that consumer.

Vaping prescription drugs is not only a bad idea for health reasons, but it’s also not logical. You are NOT going to get the same effects vaping a drug as you would ingesting that drug. Basically, a diet pill vaped won’t help you lose weight and an erectile dysfunction drug vaped won’t get you lucky on Saturday night. What they both could do is burn a hole in your lung, or worse.


There is no upside to this. Vaping prescription meds is what to vape if you like being sick or possibly dying. All while getting 0 benefits for your efforts. Just don’t do it.


what to vape drugs

*Click image to make larger.

#2 Other non-prescription drugs

As you can see from the chart above there are a TON of different street drugs being vaped. Keep in mind that chart is from 2017 so I am betting the herbal cannabis has lost ground. While cannabis oil use has probably shot up significantly. Here’s the thing. THC by itself as a vape, when created by a respected and trusted source, is one thing.  THC cartridges and oils that are produced at the street level by your local weed “expert” is an entirely different beast.

As far as the other drugs listed like Fentanyl, Meth, and MDMA… What the hell. I mean how could vaping Molly into your lungs go bad right? And what about Fentanyl. I mean how freaking bright do you have to be to take a prescription drug, turned street drug that’s killing people left and right put it in a vape. Than inhale it into your lungs.

Seriously someone PLEASE help me understand how that sounds like a good idea to ANYONE.  Isn’t it obvious that this is a good way to die young? The effects of vaped drugs are such a new issue that we don’t have a clue what it could lead to. So whats worth than death? In my opinion, frying my brain to the point of drooling invalid on oxygen may actually be worse than dying. The fact of the matter is it might be exactly what happens to you if you choose to vape these street-level drugs.


Without a doubt, street drugs belong on our list of what to vape if you like being sick or worse. This is like burning your hand on the oven (drug addiction) then instead of getting help for the burn, climbing fully into the oven which would make those burns so much worse (Vaping the drug).

#3 Alcohol



Yep. I am very sorry to tell you that you read that right. The next winning idea to make our list of what to vape if you like being sick or worse is alcohol. Before I get started on how bad an idea this is I would like to talk about some very basic health facts.

Fact: Alcohol that is ingested gets processed in your liver.

Fact: your liver’s whole reason for being is to filter toxins out of your body. As a general rule, it’s really good at its job too. I mean it only takes a little bit of healthy liver to keep you relatively toxin-free.

Fact: One toxin that even the magnificent liver, which is created to filter toxins, has a hard time with is alcohol. (Ask anyone with Sorosis of the liver.)

Now with all those facts in mind consider for a moment basically cutting your liver out of the story altogether and inhaling those toxins directly into the vulnerable tissues of the lungs… Yes, you will get drunker faster, but that’s because there is nothing filtering the toxins that are going directly into your bloodstream via the lining of your lungs… Do I really need to say more?

There is no time and no way that this is a good idea. No one should be vaping alcohol. No one.  Unfortunately, for as bad an idea as this is, it’s the idea that has the most trend value. Even some bars and clubs offer a way to vape shots. While there is no evidence that vaping will harm you and no evidence that it won’t it’s hard for us to believe that its a good idea based on the above logic and common sense.


When we talk about e-cigarettes we understand that vaping nicotine and anything really into your lungs is bad for you. We fully acknowledge that if you are a never smoker then there is no reason to add a harmful and addictive vapor to your healthy lungs. If you are a smoker of the deadliest consumer product in the world, burning tobacco, though then switching to e-cigarettes becomes a good idea. So air to e-cig bad. Burning tobacco to e-cig good.

Relating that back to vaping alcohol if you have never inhaled alcohol into your lungs. Which most of us have not done. Then never do. Nothing you put into your lungs besides clean air is good for you. And in the case of alcohol, don’t take your liver out of the fight, it’s your best weapon against all toxins.

#4 Hot Peppers


Carolina_Reaper_pepper_what to vape if you like being sick


Alright if you thought the first three items on our list of what to vape if you like being sick or worse were out there. Then I have a treat for you. Because yes, in fact, people are vaping peppers of all kinds including but not limited to a pepper called the Carolina Reaper.

Now vaping peppers in general sounds like a horrible idea. But some folks decided to take this horrible idea to a whole level with the Carolina Reaper. These little dynamites pictured above are the current record holders for the worlds hottest pepper.  And people are vaping them.

One such dimwit even went so far as to upload a video of him vaping some of these little nasties onto Youtube. I am not sharing that video here but I am attaching one that will help you understand just how hot these little guys are. To put it into perspective, the only thing hotter than a Carolina Reaper is US Military-grade pepper spray.  Vaping that pepper spray would kill you on the spot.

I am not going to go into all the reasons why vaping a pepper is bad. I mean any pepper but especially this one. If you can not see for your self why this is ignorant then you may need more help than I can offer.


Seriously guys. To the few (I hope) people who see this type of stuff and thing they want to try it, just don’t. You can live without an arm. You can live without a leg. There are even people living without tongues, noses, eyelids etc. There is NO one who can live without their lungs. Period.

Because I want folks to understand how hot this pepper really is I am sharing this video. These guys are experienced in spice and burn, but even they admit the Colorado Reaper is scary hot…and that’s just when it’s ingested…



#5 Other Food Item

Honey what to vape


OMG please stop my head freaking hurts. Why would someone pick up honey and think, I bet that would feel good in my lungs. Just why. How does that idea even come into one’s mind? Honey is not the only food item people are vaping. The list is surprisingly and unfortunately long.

A few examples:
  • Syrup / Corn Sugar
  • Soda Pop
  • Butter
  • Cooking Oil
  • Liquid Creamer
  • Ketchup
  • Energy Drinks
  • Tea
  • and of course Hot Sauce. (Because who wouldn’t want hot sauce in their lungs right?)

I can not even begin to tell you what those items will do to your lungs. One thing is for sure, it won’t be worth it. A good rule of thumb is… Nothing, and I mean NOTHING besides clean air is good for your lungs. To my knowledge, there are 0 exceptions to this rule.

So there you have it, a few examples of what to vape if you like being sick or worse.

There is not a single good idea listed here. In EVERY single case, the people who vape these items are risking their health and the health of their lungs for very little to no gain. What’s worse is it is hurting the legitimate side of the e-cig and vaping industry.

When kids get lung infections and end up in comas, parents want answers. And they deserve them. But to relate this kind of bad behavior to e-cigarettes is really really misleading. Most e-cig companies and many vape companies are out to be an alternative for adult smokers. We here at A Clean Cigarette don’t even sell to never smokers because we are so set on doing this right.

Bad publicity like this is one of the main enemies working against this industry…So stop it. Seriously.

Thank you

I really appreciate you visiting today. If you or a loved one is looking for a smoking alternative from a company you can trust visit www.acleancigarette.com for more information on the A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette.

Thanks again!



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