What’s Up Doc? What do Doctors have to say about E-Cigarettes?

Hey every one! It’s Dawn here and this weeks re-blog weekend post is a good one. As most of you may know every weekend I look back in the archives and search out a past post that I think needs to be re-looked at. since I truly believe that the best way to sell this product is to educate people on the facts of the product I picked our past blog regarding what Doctors actually say about e-cigarettes. The quotes and info in this blog are so powerful and so informitive I think now is a great time to re-share this information.

So with no further chatter let’s get to the good stuff! What’s Up Doc…

A Clean Cigarette Blog

cropped-11219476_459972724162227_6327253984917370992_o.jpgHey again! Dawn here just blogging away! Coffee.. √  A Clean Cigarette e-cig.. √  Lap top .. √  Common sense cap on.. √. That last one seems to be lacking in the world today. With Big Media propaganda and Big Corporations deciding what big media can report on, it is becoming more and more difficult to understand some of the most basic truths about E-Cigarettes. We are trying to help here. That is way I now sit at this lap top more then I do anything else in a day. Because people deserve to be told truths. To make informed choices and know that information is from a good place.

Unfortunately when you try to squish the whole Internet’s worth of information into a blog, they can run long. I try to break it up so that it’s more pleasant to read. I will also try to keep tonight’s blog…

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