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Hello! Dawn here and I am so thankful that you are here today.

As many of you know one of the hats I wear here at A Clean Cigarette is my blogger hat. That means it is up to me to keep you and everyone who is interested in electronic cigarettes up to date on what’s happening in this industry. I take this part of my responsibilities VERY seriously.

I truly believe that the best thing we can do for the ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) industry is to educate. By that I mean not only educate customers but also legislators, politicians, doctors and even the media. Why? Well because if we do not speak up and inform then know one will. If no-one does, then an invention that could literally change the way our world via over a billion lives will never get a chance to do what it can do. hands

And what this industry can do for human kind is pretty spectacular.

With all of this in mind today I would like to do a MASSIVE call to action. WE NEED YOU! The whole event is only a half hour and the only thing you will need to do to help is to show up. That’s right YOU can make a huge difference in the fight for electronic cigarette rights just by showing up and being seen.

This is a national event that will attract media attention. Attention means we will have opportunities to educate! Here at A Clean Cigarette, we are known for our heart and our fight. We are proud of that. But regardless of our heart and no matter how hard we fight, we can not do it without more voices. Voices like yours.

So this is a call out to everyone! A Clean Cigarette users, non-users, smokers, non-smokers Every voice that has been affected by tobacco-related death or illness is needed!

The What: A Wall Of Hands To Protect A Billion Lives!

The When: October 22nd, 2016 (This Next Saturday) @ 2:22 pm (Get here around 2 pm for important announcements if possible!)

The Where: The A Clean Cigarette location located on N.Michigan Ave in Saginaw.

More info: www.handsforabillionlives.com

It is important that when we make a stand like this we do this right so here are a few rules that we all must adhere to if we expect people to take our voices seriously: These are EXACTLY what the main coordinators sent us!


  • This is a peaceful SILENT movement. No outburst, chanting, rallying. We can’t deliver the message that we are building/forming a wall to protect a billion lives and look positive and caring if we have someone ranting and raving about how the FDA sucks.
  • Every person is responsible for their neighbor.  Have them take ownership of their neighbor and their actions. If your neighbor starts to act out, take action to help stop their behavior. Guilt works amazingly. “Hey, it is your responsibility to represent the community and you are making us look as irresponsible as they think we are. Stop. Show them we don’t want people to die, not that you want to kill someone.”
  • Everyone is to direct media to you. Ask them not to deliver any message to them, as we want to deliver the same message across the country. This is important!
  • For this brief period, it is imperative they know not to be blowing huge clouds, doing vape tricks, etc. This is not a message about culture or fun, this is a message to say we are a responsible caring community and we don’t want any more people to die. (*THIS IS VITAL!)

So that’s it, a real way you can really stand up for your rights and the rights of over a billion people this century, and it’s easy to participate.

Sponsored by MiNATA.

MiNATA will be on hand. If you are interested in speaking up in this fight, they are interested in speaking to you!

Thank you for dropping in today and I really hope to see you here this Saturday. Smokers deserve options, smokers deserve A Clean Cigarette.

I really do hope to see you at this, it’s a simple way to make a BIG statement










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