What’s Happening with Electronic Cigarettes in Lansing Now?

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A huge part of this blog’s job is to keep the A Clean Cigarette community up to date on what’s happening here in Michigan regarding Electronic Cigarettes and your rights. Since the elections in November, there has not been a lot of movement regarding anything in Lansing; let alone electronic cigarettes.

That being said, it is now January and as expected things are starting to move legislatively on a variety of topics in Lansing.  And yes, the electronic cigarette industry is starting to see legislative movement as well.

So far nothing is happening that surprises us, in fact, the one bill in regards to e-cigarettes that has recently been introduced is nothing new.  Many of us recognize the bill as one that sat on Governer Snyders desk last year and died.  It was reintroduced on January 18th, 2017.

It did not die from lack of support, in fact in managed to pass both the senate and house unanimously. Think about that….how often does every state legislator agree on anything? Both parties coming to a unanimous decision? This type of unprecedented support is nearly unheard of right?

Well, that is what happened last year so then why did it sit on Snyder’s desk unsigned until it died at the end of the term?  Well according to Snyder it is because it does not go far enough……what? (FYI: When a Bill sits on the Governor’s desk until it dies it is considered a “pocket Veto”)

Let’s look at what the bill is intended to do before we judge him:

Senate Bill #37 (Click this title to see the actual Bill)

This bill is intended to amend the Youth Tobacco Act. It is designed to place age limits on the sale of tobacco, vapor products and alternative nicotine products.  So the short and sweet description would be it’s a ban on underage sales to these three types of product:

1. Tobacco

2. Vapor Products 

3. Alternative Nicotine Products

The bill goes on to places some easily enforceable consequences on retailers for selling these products to children under 18.

So what is not “far enough” with this bill? How is stopping the sale of these three products to youth, anything but a good idea? Well from what I can tell it’s because this bill does not place taxes on electronic cigarettes.

Yep you heard me right, a bill that protects our children from unscrupulous retailers of nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes at the State level is being held up, at least in part, because it ALL that it does is protect our children. It does not earn revenue for the State so it does not do enough……..

Drop us a line, share your thoughts!
        Drop us a line, share your thoughts!

Protecting our kids from nicotine addiction is not enough? Since when are our children pay days?

A unanimous bipartisan supported bill. A Bill supported by the officials WE elected to be our voice, does not go far enough?!?! Well, that was last year and now we have another opportunity to make this happen for Michigan.

The Bill itself was introduced both last term and this term by Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge. He says “We can never prevent a high school student from trying a cigarette or a nicotine product for the first time. However, I want to make sure that the stores that sell this sort of product to children are penalized,”

We agree Senator! Completly! Let’s worry about how to make a State Profit off of these products AFTER we worry about the truely important things, our children’s safety. question mark logo

So in closing, I would like to say A Clean Cigarette supports and appreciates Senator Rick Jones and his battle to place common sense regulations on the electronic cigarette industry with out looking to punish those of us who have made the switch! WTG Senator. You are appreciated!

And Governor Snyder: Get with the program. Our kids are worth pushing this very basic regulation through while we wait to see what will happen with taxes and such.

Well, that’s the Lansing current events in electronic cigarettes as I see them. If you have questions drop me an email to AccAnswers@gmail.com. I will do my best to find you the answers that you deserve! Also, leave me a comment as an alternative. It takes a few days for them to get through my spam filter, but as soon as I see them I will respond.

Thank you again, you are appreciated. Share this around to help us bring awareness to this.



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