What makes it all work? Team Work of course!

CleanCigaretteLogo(1)resizeHello there, it’s Dawn here again and welcome back! (or welcome for the first time!) So it’s Tuesday morning here. I am sitting at my little desk in my living room, pounding back my third cup of coffee. (Yes, I know that I should not drink this much caffeine, but what the heck, I like it, so I do.)

Anyway, while taking excessive amounts of caffeine in and pondering what to write about in today’s blog post, I received a phone call  from one of my amazing team members, Cathy. Cathy is the manager at our Mount Pleasent store location and she is best described as a warm cup of soup. Every time I get near her I want to curl up with hot cocoa and a blanket and just have her read me a nice story. Alright….I know I am going a bit extreme here but that really is how this amazing woman makes a girl feel, safe and warm.

Her call was not all that out of the ordinary. She is doing inventory and because she is so thorough with everything she does, she had a few questions about some of the numbers. Although these questions were pretty typical they got me thinking about all the ins and outs that happen behind the scenes at A Clean Cigarette. There is just so much that has to happen in order for each of our 18 stores to be able to give extra mile service to you, the customer.

So with that in mind, I decided that today would be a great day to do a little spotlight shining.

There is not a single member of the A Clean Cigarette team that does not rock in at least one way, most in way more than one way in fact. But today we are going to look at some of the people that are more behind the scenes then behind the counter. You may have met some of the amazing support staff I will introduce you to today because ALL of us have been on both sides of the A Clean Cigarette counter at one time or another. That means not only were we all customers first, we all started out taking care of the customer first as well.

So without further ado let’s meet a few of the A Clean Cigarette back of house personalities and find out how they make your A Clean Cigarette a better place each and every day.




Thank, you Lori!!

 On-line Store Rep and ACC shipping expert!

Ms. Lori is definitely our firecracker! Her one of a kind personality and quick wit make her an easy to love team member here at A Clean Cigarette. As one of our original team members, Lori has been with A Clean Cigarette for 6 years!  If you have ever ordered anything from our web-store then Ms. Lori most likely packaged and mailed your order to you as soon as it came across her screen.

You may have met Lori at our Bay Rd Store in Saginaw. That is Lori’s home base for all things web store related!




Thank you, Vicky!!

Telephone and E-mail Customer Support!

The Amazing Ms. Vicky is the warm voice on the other end of our help-line. She is also the one responsible for answering all of the e-mailed questions that come in from our web store. Vicky’s kind of heart and genuine care for people can be seen in everything she does and says. We are blessed to have Vicky on our team!

Lori is also located at our Bay Rd. store in Saginaw. Between Lori and Vicky, our web store is top notch for customer service and ready to help you. Vicky also happened to be an RN. The medical ethics she can’t “recommend” you or anyone else use an electronic cigarette but it is interesting that she chooses to use it.



Thank You, Eddie!!!

IT Extrodanare and Video Maniac!

Eddie is not only our IT guy and Video genius, he is also a really good friend to have. Not only because he can fix your computer in a pinch, he is always available to listen to your problems. No matter what is going on in this guys life he is quick to be there for a friend.

If you have ever visited our website then you have seen a huge part of what Eddie does for A Clean Cigarette. Each and every store location has its own page and each page has its own personality. That’s the kinda guy Eddie is.



Thank you, David!!

Security, Warehouse, and Maintenance!

David is as smart as he is helpful! He is also a man with many skills, and they all come in very handy around A Clean Cigarette. Whether he is running from store to store for security and maintenance or helping Cary decide which products need ordering, he is a huge part of the behind the scenes work that takes place around here.

Having David around sure makes things run more smoothly and for that we are grateful!



Thank you, Roy!!

Warehouse Expert and Store Supplies Wizard!

Roy is our the man with a plan. Whenever a store is in need of product this is the guy filling the orders. Working side by side with Dave, Roy is an iatrical part of keeping the cogs of A Clean Cigarette working smoothly. Add to that his great smile and genuine interest in taking care of things right the first time and we have a superstar on our hands. From Lanyards to cartridges if a store needs it, Roy has it. Straight out, Roy just Rocks!




Thank you, Chellie!!

Accounts, Payroll and Spreadsheet Master!

Talk about behind the scenes! Most people may never have met Chellie but she has had a hand in almost everything number wise here at A Clean Cigarette. Not only is she super sweet and always willing to help, she is also part of the brains that keep us in business. Working side by side with the amazing Mona Lee we can always feel confident that no matter the question, they will have the answer. Add to that all the great spreadsheets she creates for us and it’s not hard to see how valuable a member of the team she is.

On paydays, she is appreciated by the entire team, and today we get to tell her how much.


Thank you, District Managers!

Go Everywhere do Everything Specialist!!

These guys go the extra mile with every step they take. As district managers, they are the guys who take the 3am phone calls about a bat setting the alarm off at a store. The range of things a district manager does is really endless. Here are a few examples:

  • Traveling up to 200 miles a week to get things done. (Sometimes 200 miles in a day!)
  • Running from store to store dropping off heavy boxes of product weekly.
  • 6am call in’s to cover a store. (Regardless of what was going on the day before.)
  • 6pm call in’s to cover a store. (Regardless of what’s happening at the moment.)
  • Understand the in’s and outs at each individual store so that they don’t mess anything up if they do get the call!
  • Weekly leadership meetings in Saginaw.
  • Bringing everything we hear from the stores to the leadership table. We want to listen to our customers and the best way to do that is to listen to the A Clean Cigarette team members that get to talk to the customers the most! A huge part of the district managers job is hearing and caring.

They do this and so much more: Thank you, Dustin, Polly, and Steve. Rock and Roll Guys!  

Today’s post was designed to say thank you, as well as to introduce some of our back office team members. These guys and gals are all heart and hustle. If you see one of them in any of our locations, and there is a high chance you will, then feel free to start a chat. They love hearing from customers, after all, it’s the customers that all of this is for.

Have a great day!!








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