What is a Cig-a-Like? Find answers here.

Time for our weekend re-blog. Dawn here and today we are going to re-blog a blog post on a topic that I think is not talk nearly enough about. Most people know right away that we are different than other vapor or e-cigarette products, but what makes our product different? Well our design for starters! Read on to see exactly what I mean! ~ Dawn

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Hey there it’s me Dawn again! Thanks for stopping by! Today we are going to chat about a few terms used often in the electronic cigarette industry. The main one we will focus on is the term Cig-a-Like. I have used this term in a few places on this blog and I think it is important that we all understand the difference between a Cig-a-like device, which is a 1st generation device vs other types of devices. I get a ton of questions on this so I will lay it out in question and answer format. I hope you get a lot out of this!

The basics:

What is a Cig-a-Like? A Cig-a-Like is an electronic cigarette specifically designed to mimic the rituals of traditional burning tobacco. Rituals such as hand to mouth, throat hit and a small puff of smoke. I can not talk for all other brands but…

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