What do e-cigarettes and national parks have to do with each other?

CleanCigaretteLogo(12Hey there, Dawn here. Time again for my daily rant on everything e-cigarette related. I am sure that the topic we are going to talk about today is one most of you have heard about. It has been all over the news and big media. The headlines can be found everywhere. Headlines such as:

“You can no longer take your electronic cigarette to the National Parks”

So when a huge number of these headlines started hitting my inbox, I was left scratching me head. I mean how can they say that they are banning them due to safety when the main reason cigarettes were banned from such places was not the second hand smoke or anything like that. Cigarettes were banned due to their fire risk. This is a subject I have some knowledge on.

Not that long ago I had the privilege of interviewing John R. Kramer, Fire Chief of the Monitor township fire department. He was kind enough to let us put that interview in the 1st addition our A Clean Cigarette Magazine.  Below is a copy of the magazine page.

This is the Rough screen shot of that article. Before editing so it looks a bit different then the one you will see in the paper version of the magazine.

Now this article is about road side fires but it directly related to burning cigarettes and the safety concerns they cause for woodland areas. Which most federal parks are. With all this information you may be able to see why I am a bit bent by the resent ban on E-cigarettes in parks. There is NOTHING BURNING!! That’s the whole point behind e-cigs. It’s are big claim to fame. It seems we are not alone either. I had this ⇓ headline in my inbox and it made me smile!

“Park Service takes heat for e-cig ban”

So who is giving them heat? Well according to “The Hill” Which is a very reputable on-line magazine that revolves around regulations and health care there are some big names who have penned a letter to Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis. Take a look at what is said in regards to the fire hazard. ⇓


The parks then move from the fire hazard to the exhaled nicotine hazard, but the Doc did not stop there. Look what he has to say about the possible nicotine vapor risk that are posed by e-cigarettes.


We think he has a good point!

What can be done about all of this? Not much from our end unfortunately. A Clean Cigarette and other electronic cigarette companies can say very little about any of this. What we can and do say gets swept under a rug and looked over because we make money off of e-cigarettes. Okay, but YOU can say what ever YOU want. You have no financial gain so your words are what the “powers that be” need to hear. If you are interested in making a statement to the national parks service here is the link: http://www.nps.gov/aboutus/contactus.htm. Let them know that you have rights.

Thank you so much for letting me rant a bit here. I appreciate you so very much for visiting. I hope you have a wonderful Monday and if you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line at AccAnswers@acleancigarette.com. If you would like more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes check out acleancigarette.com. Thank you!!





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