What can parents say to their teens about youth vaping?

Hey there, Dawn here, your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Today we are going to talk about a subject that has been in the news a lot lately. We have all seen the headlines so I am sure you can guess that I am talking about youth vaping.

If you have been to this blog ‘before then you probably know how passionate I am about Electronic Cigarettes. I mean they have the potential to change the lives of millions of burning tobacco smokers. E-Cigarettes are in my opinion the first real tool us smokers have had in this battle. And if we do this right electronic cigarettes could finally lead us smokers to a burning tobacco-free world. If we do it wrong, it will lead to the next generation of youth vaping nicotine.

Did you notice the operative words?

“change the lives of millions of burning tobacco smokers.”

“E-Cigarettes are in my opinion the first real tool us smokers have”

” finally lead us smokers to a burning tobacco-free world”

As you can see from these quotes I only speak about smokers. That is because Electronic cigarettes should ONLY be used by adult SMOKERS. Because they are only useful to adult smokers. …(Seriously though, if you are not a smoker the ONLY thing these will do for you is get you addicted to nicotine…why would you do that knowing what we know?)

A Chat about Youth Vaping…

The truth is it’s not just the Youths that we need to keep off of these products. It’s all non-smokers. If someone has never smoked they should never start. Even on e-cigarettes.  With that said today we are going to focus on the kids. Obviously no minor should be using these products but how do we talk to our kids BEFORE they start on these products to help them understand that they are not safe for them?

Now I know what some of you are thinking…Did that lady from A Clean Cigarettes just say e-cigarettes are not safe?!?! Doesn’t she know that’s what she sells??

My answer is the same as I have always said. Nothing you inhale besides clean air is safe. Since I know for a fact A Clean Cigarette brand E-Cigarettes deliver more than just air, they cannot be 100% safe. It’s impossible.  For a smoker that is putting 600 ingredients, deadly tar and Co2 into their lungs, well I am not allowed to say e-cigs are “Better” than burning tobacco (thank you tobacco lobbyist) but I can show you the research for you to make up your own mind. More here, here and here too.

But for the non-smoker, especially a minor non-smoker, these things are not safe for sure.  That means keeping our kids away from youth vaping is vital.

A Plan

To keep these unsafe products out of the hands of our kids we are going to need to educate. We need parents to have honest talks with kids and share the facts with them. I know teens are little balls of raging hormones waiting for a reason to rebel, but they are also super smart.

If we tell them the truth about these products then we know they will have those facts to combat the pressure that friends or marketing may put on them to try vaping.

In an effort to help you do that here are a few key talking points you can hit on with your minor in regards to youth vaping.

Talking points…

  • Nothing inhaled into the lungs is good for you: While burning tobacco may create and deliver thousands of different chemicals,  e-cigarettes and vapes also have chemicals in them. For a person who already uses burning tobacco, there are no NEW chemicals in most e-cigarettes that are not in burning tobacco. But for people who do not smoke cigarettes before they vape, they are introducing chemicals into their healthy lungs.


  • Nicotine is addictive: Nicotine in e-cigarettes and vapes is still nicotine. The only thing e-cigs do is deliver that nicotine. If you are a smoker already addicted and you are just trying to cut tar and 90% ish of the chemicals out of your nicotine habit. Switching to e-cigarettes is the way to go. If you are a minor or non-smoker. The ONLY thing vapes and cigarettes do is deliver nicotine. Knowing that why would you want to pay someone to get you addicted to something like nicotine? Nicotine is a bully and will dominate your time and money…just don’t do it.


  • Nicotine has an impact on young brains: It can slow brain development in teens and affect memory, concentration, learning, self-control, attention, and mood. Counter productive if your teen has goals and ambitions. Help them understand the costs of nicotine is real.


  • It’s not cheap: While e-cigarettes generally run about half price from cigarettes they still have a cost.  I can not talk for other companies but here at A Clean Cigarette one of our cartridges is equal to about a pack to a pack and a half of puffs. Many smokers use about a cartridge a day (Every smoker is different this is just an approximation.) @ the cost of about $3.50 a cart it can run over $1200 a year.  Remind your teen how much he can get for $1200. consider reminding them that whether they like games or dirt bikes, that kind of dough can make an impact. (mind you compared to the over $3000 dollar plus


  • Big tobacco corps already have billions of dollars: Big Corporations are evil, at least that’s what many of our young people think. Inform them that is they are getting vapes or e-cigarettes from convince stores then they are helping to fund a corporate giant that is responsible for Billions of lives lost. Nearly every brand in a gas station is big tobacco owned even though most folks don’t know that. Brands like Juul, Njoy, the Vuse and others are all at least in part owned by big tobacco. Inspire your teen to stop feeding the greed!


 It’s so important

Keeping non-smokers and youths off of these products is so important. When dealing with a product that could impact the world in the way e-cigarettes and vapers can it is a responsibility to make sure the technology is used right. That is a responsibility we take very seriously here at A Clean Cigarette.

Since well before the headlines started to fill with news of a youth vaping epidemic we had a couple of rules that we enforce in a very strict way.


  1. No sales to under 18 (We did this BEFORE it was a Federal Requirement and we are fighting right now to add this as a State requirement since Michigan is one of the only states with out an under 18 ban on vapor sales)
  2. No sales to non-smokers (Yes even adult non-smokers. IF you are a non-smoker we are not for you. We are very strict on this!)

We self-enforced these rules because it is our responsibility and duty to fight burning tobacco. That fight means switching smokers, not creating addicts. We leave that part to the big tobacco companies.

Thank you again, for stopping in. I hope this information is helpful. I also hope that if you have teenagers or young adults at home that you will take the time to help educate them. Share this information with them. If you would like some more sources for information on helping your teen avoid vaping I will be including a few links below. Youth Vaping is an issue we should all be educated on.

If you have any questions drop me a line at Dawn@acleancigaretteblog.com or leave me a comment on here or on our FB page. Thanks again!



Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults (CDC)


Teens and E-cigarettes (NIH)


Know the risks: E-Cigarettes and young people (Surgeon General)


Not only don’t we sell to minors. We go a step further and do not sell to non-smokers either. Yes we know we could make a lot more money selling candy flavors to non-smokers but we have kids too and money is not everything.
Click this picture to find our on-line store where we offer free shipping to all 50 states! It is time to make the switch!





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