What accessories do we offer and why?

CleanCigaretteLogo(13        Hey Dawn here!! So we tend to do a lot of serious talking in here. Today is a far less serious topic but it is a very useful one. At A Clean Cigarette we pride ourselves in not being a one size fits all type of store. We also only sell E-cigarettes and E-cigarette accessories. but what type of accessories and why? Today we are going to go over a few of the very useful tools we offer here at A Clean Cigarette.

Lets start with the basics.


Our batteries currently come in both 280 and 650 mAh versions. The ones pictured above are our 280 mAh version. This version last for about 3/4 the usage of a typical cartridge. How long a Cartridge last depends on the individual using the e-cigarette. Click Here for more information on that and other commonly asked questions. Our 650 mAh battery is what we consider our desk top model. Ask us for more details. The A Clean Cigarette products may be Gen1 product, but as an example of how hard we work to contently make this look and feel more like a tobacco cigarette, while still offering you amazing quality and technology I have to mention that this battery has seen at least 4 upgrades in 5 years. The heating element on our cartridges have seen 12 updates in 5 years. That’s R&D at it’s best there!

Lets move on to something that I think is very useful!


Lanyards: Why are they useful? The thing is with a burning cigarette the thing is on fire. So it’s not often we just set it down with out thinking about what we are doing. On the other hand, pens are something we set down and loose rather often! E-cigs are a bit like pens in this regard. (It’s embarrassing to admit, but yes I have tried to puff on my pen from time to time. lol!) With a lanyard however, your e-cig is always where you left it. We also have e-trays and car clips available. A perfect place for setting your e-cig when you need a free hand.

On to something necessary.


Chargers are something you will definitely need when you make the switch. A Clean Cigarette has a variety of different chargers to fit your needs. Not pictured here is our USB mini.

Hmm, this one is interesting.


Pretty basic, but very useful. We have a few different cases you can choose from. This is our zipper case in the picture. If you are over 18 and a current burning tobacco smoker, then the best place to shop is by visiting our brick and mortar stores. Although, if we are not yet in your area have no fear! We have our online store you can find by clicking this picture of our Owosso, Michigan location.


That’s it! That’s all! What we sell is limited in number, because we want to be really good at e-cigs and nothing else. Remember, everyone here at A Clean Cigarette started on this product before they ever worked here. So, we know a lot about this product (and we better) because we have nothing else to sell!. We want to make it easy to get answers as well. So drop me a line some time at info.acc.reply@gmail.com. I will personally answer you. If I do not know an answer I will find out who does and make sure you find what you need. Thank you again for coming to the blog. You are appreciated!





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