Welcome to the new ACC Blog

Hey guys! Dawn here! Even though we can all agree that having to change things due to regulations bites. I think the blog’s facelift really works. Phew, that could have gone bad fast.

For my part, this has been a hard project. It’s not easy to dismantle something you built with love for so many years. But all things considered, it could have been far worse.

Information only

One of the regulations the FDA is im[possing is a stop to all social media and online promotion of any ENDS product. This means that in the near future (Not yet I will let you know when.) We will be shutting down most of our online information including our Facebook page. In an effort to save this blog it has to go through a few more changes. From now on there will be no promotion of our product. This blog will simply be a place for our customers to create a community and information sharing between us.

With that in mind, blogs will not happen at the same rate as our previous ones. Typically, I tried to keep to a once a week schedule. Moving forward blogs will only happen when we have information to share. In the meantime, I will be working on setting up a forum. While you guys can say whatever you want there will be strict limits to what I or any ACC representative can say. (That’s nothing new, you guys have always been great at saying what we can not.)


You may also notice the lack of logos (we still have a few but they will go away soon. Most of the blog posts have been removed with the exception of a few. These blogs will soon be re-written. They are just the ones that have headings that I think I can work with as far as approved information is concerned.

Not Done Fighting

There is a lot of fight left in this battle. Numerous court hearings and even possible legislative changes. We just do not know what is happening for 100% yet.

That being said we need to make sure we have products that we can sell alongside our A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes in order to help us with this battle. You may have seen a few of the new products if you have been in one of our locations. In most cases, we are just trying stuff out to see what you guys find useful. Because we always want to be smokers helping smokers. However, when it comes to the CBD products we are diving All In.


It was an easy choice for us. When picking products for our future CBD seemed like a natural move. It’s an amazing product that is changing the way people live. AS far as helping people with a product, we could not find a better option than this. We have already expanded our A Clean Choice CBD product line and it’s going to keep growing.

For a complete list of our currently available CBD products visit the A Clean Choice CBD blog.

Thanks for being patient guys and thanks for sticking with us. Please let everyone you know about our CBD line. There are a ton of places to get CBD out there but we believe our reputation for a commitment to quality means a lot. That commitment is not only to our E-cigarettes but it also applies to every product we offer.

Again thank you!!



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