We hear you: More about CBD

Hey guys, Dawn again. I know I said that we would not talk much more about CBD. However, I mean, holy cow you guys have had a lot to say about the new CBD products available here at A Clean Cigarette. I mean I knew CBD was a good idea, and I knew that our customers would be happy with the results of the product. But I did not know HOW happy.  In less than a month you guys have nearly brought us out of stock!! No worries! We already have more to restock the shelves.

More About CBD: A Clean Choice CBD

You may have noticed that we now have our own brand of CBD and our own formula. We are actively listening to you the customer and tweaking our formula to help better fit your needs. One of the tweaks on the next batch of product will have a couple of Terpenes added to it for flavor and sweetness. This should make the mint mintier, which is what you guys have told us you want.

The new A Clean Choice brand is our sister brand The goal is to provide a high-quality product that we can stand behind. At a price point that makes sense for our fellow smokers.

A Clean Choice CBD products are
  • Available in 0 THC and very low THC levels.
  • Batch tested by a third party lab. Batch numbers will be available on the bottom of the bottle.
  • 0 nicotine
  • Available without a prescription
  • Super Critical C02 Extracted
  • Quality tested to ensure the amount of CBD on the bottle is the amount of CBD you get.
  • Created using the Hemp plant, not the Marijuana plant. (Both plants are in the cannabis family)

Right now, there are only a couple products available in the A Clean Choice CBD line:

500mg Tincture (Mint) @ $50.00

250mg Tincture (Mint) @ $30.00

Neither of those products are available online yet. However, keep tuned for future product releases both in store and on our website… soon too!


Here is the thing though, not everyone who wants information on e-cigarettes is looking for information on CBD and Not everyone who uses CBD is interested in electronic cigarettes. We think that’s fair.

So for that reason and for just because it will help us keep things more organized. We are announcing our A Clean Choice CBD BLog


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This new blog will be dedicated to everything CBD.  And I do mean everything. I am actively filling it up and you can expect to see more content on a very regular basis.

It’s about education

When it comes to marketing I have always had a solid belief that if you have a good product the best marketing is educating people on that product. Give consumers the facts and let them make educated decisions. If the product is a good product they will decide to buy it.

When it comes to the electronic cigarette industry I believe it’s even more important to educate. This industry has been plagued by misinformation and just plain lack of information. The A Clean Cigarette blog is always trying to combat that. And now we will do the same with CBD.

More About CBD: E-Cigs/CBD

In a lot of ways, the CBD industry and the electronic cigarette industries have had similar battles. The difference is that e-cigarettes while maybe a better option for smokers is just NOT a healthy product. It’s an alternative product.

On the other hand, CBD is a naturally produced Cannabinoid that is found in animals and plants in nature. The fact that cannabinoids work with the human endocannabinoid system is undeniable. What that word may mean for us health wise is the part that’s up for debate.

Instead of hearing that debate here though you will be able to find the evidence and information currently available on these products.

More About CBD: What you can expect on the A Clean Choice Blog

Click any of these topics to see what we have so far. Keep in mind the site is under construction, please!  Also, feel free to drop me a line at Dawn@acleancigaretteblog.com if you have any questions about anything you may see there. (Or if you have any content ideas!)


More about CBD Guide


More about CBD Endocannabinoidmore about cbd homeostasis













Thank you

As always you are appreciated. Whether you work for A Clean Cigarette, are a customer of A Clean Cigarette or are a web surfer who just happened upon the A Clean Cigarette blog, I appreciate you. The simple truth is that without you none of this hard work matters. I would love to hear from you. Contact me at Dawn@acleancigaretteblog.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.








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