We have a simple favor to ask.

CleanCigaretteLogo(12Hello. It’s Dawn here and today I would like to ask you for a favor. This is a favor that would help us educate the medical community about A Clean Cigarette and electronic cigarettes in general.

The thing is, most of the medical community just does not know much about electronic cigarettes. We hear it all the time; “We do not know what’s in them.”   It’s hard to blame Doctors for wanting to know exactly what is in something before they decide weather it is a good idea or not. That is kind of part of their job description. As a matter of fact the whole reason we funded our very first lab analysis. A friend of ours from the medical community suggested it and we thought it was a good idea. He said that it was this type of stuff that the medical world would need to see. That started us down a long trail of research and discovery.

We can not say what is in other brands of electronic cigarette, but here at A Clean Cigarette we have funded not only the 1st lab analysis but two additional ones as well. In one of those three lab work ups we even asked the lab to test for “leachables”. That means we had them test to make sure that when inhaling on our product leachables off the cotton and other device materiel are not contaminating the contained fluid. Sure we know we do not have to do test like these but, we smoke it too. Of course we want to know!  a favor

Anyways, back to that favor I mentioned earlier. It’s not a hard one. In fact we do not want to ask you to go out of your way at all. Just if you would, the next time you visit a doctor or other medical provider, take along one of our Lab Analysis. That’s it. Just share the analysis and let the Doc make up his own mind. Another great place to drop one off at is your pharmacists. Helping to pass along solid facts vs big media propaganda will help us to educate the medical world, but we cannot do it without you.

Obtaining one of the labs is simple, just click the link below for a full printable digital version of one of our analysis. If you are not able to print a copy we have hard copies available at each of our 19 store locations. We want to make getting access to them so easy that if neither of those two methods work I will mail you a couple copies. Just send your contact information to AccAnswers@gmail.com.

A Clean Cigarette Lab Analysis Link

So that’s it. That is the favor we have to ask. We would like to thank you ahead of time. Even getting this information to one health care professional could mean all the difference in the world. All we need is a little help from our friends. Thank you for visiting! See you real soon I hope!





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