We are here when you need us to be. Every time, on time.

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello, Dawn here. I truly hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend with their loved ones! If you needed cartridges on Memorial Day, then you were in luck. At A Clean Cigarette we believe that in order to bring our customers the best possible service, we must remain open on most holidays and every weekend. So our stores were open Memorial Day and will be open on the 4th of July as well as most other holidays.

The retail world is one that must be completely driven by the need of customers. And as long term smokers we at A Clean Cigarette know how important NOT running out of nicotine really is. When smokers can not get the nicotine we want, well let’s just say it can get ugly quick. (Images of orange jump suits and handcuffs comes to me, lol;) ) So with that in mind A Clean Cigarette has always made it a point to be open as much as possible, in an effort to be as convenient as possible.

There are a few days a year though, that even A Clean Cigarette will be closed. We keep the days to a minimum but we are a family based company that feels family must always come first for our team members. So we do close for 3 holidays every year.




Other than these 3 holidays you can rest assured if, and when you need cartridges, we are here for you. yes open

So enjoy your summer and enjoy all the wonderful family memories and times that summer brings. While you are enjoying it, have no worries. When you need us, we will be here. our stores will always open on time and never close early with out giving you notice 1st. Because that is what we need to do to serve you the way you deserve to be served.

Thank you so much for visiting the blog. If you have any A Clean Cigarette or electronic cigarette related questions that you can not find answers for on this blog just drop me a line to AccAnswers@gmail.com. I will find you answers. Every time. Also if you are interested in learning more about making the switch, drop by http://www.acleancigarette.com for a full on-line store as well as a complete locations list for our brick and mortar locations. Thank you again!






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