We are fighting, but its going to bring big changes.

A Clean CigaretteHey guys, Dawn here and as you can probably guess things have been a bit hectic around here. What with the Governor’s announcement, the menthol ban, the shakeup on the national level and mainstream media straight-up lying to people about the resent lung infections, hectic is really putting it lightly. All of this uproar means big changes for all of us.

Black eye

I have to be honest, All of this is definitely hurting us. We are taking blows from every direction and from the outside, it would appear we are on the ropes….and we are…..but on the ropes……Is a LONG WAY from out of the fight!!!!

Big changes

The thing is to live through this battle we need to be realistic about what choices we have. That means taking hard looks at things we do not want to. Things like how many stores we have in which locations and how many hours each store is open for.

It’s always been our goal to be as convent as possible. We understand smokers and we understand that smokers can get traditional burning tobacco at every corner store. We also understand that we can never be that convenient so we have always made it a point to have long hours and as many stores as possible coupled with outstanding customer service. Basically, we knew we could not beat big tobacco, but we can out service them.

Fortunately, our service will not be changing. When you come into our stores you will find fellow smokers who are really there to help you and celebrate your goals with you. That is not ever going to change, it’s just who we are.

What will be changing:

Unfortunately, we will have to consolidate to survive. That means closing some stores, changing some hours and sadly letting go of some team members. Most of which have families that counted on this job. (If this ticks you off feel free to call the Governor to tell her again how ignorant her policies are.) We ask as these changes take place that you have patients with us. We will try to do what we have to do as seamlessly as possible but let’s face it. Some people are going to be driving further (or ordering off the internet) to get to the service they expect.

What stores will be affected?

First, let’s talk about the big changes with the hours. Over the next month, many of our stores will be opening 1 hour later and closing 1 hour earlier. We are not entirely sure which stores will be affected by this but we are sure it will be most of them. Be sure to check with the team members at the A Clean Cigarette store you most commonly shop at.

For example: The ACC Muskegon store will be changing its hours. Current hours: 8am -8pm Mon-Sat. New hours starting on October 3rd, 2019 are: 9am-7pm Mon-Sat.

As for the stores that are closing. We are not 100% sure on this either. There are many things to consider about each location. With that in mind, we will do announcements whenever it becomes evident that a store is going to have to close.

As of the time, I am writing this the only store closing for sure is our Saginaw Store that is located in the Pay-Per-Klip salon. While all closing will be hard this one hit us in a special place since it was one of our very first locations.

We will be posting a list of stores with updated hours and closings on Facebook as soon as we get it finalized. Since this is not an easy thing to do, it’s hard to say how long it will take. New closings could be announced as soon as tomorrow or anytime in the near future.

Not out of the fight

While we may have to consolidate and make painful cuts and we are not sure what the future hold we do know that they fight is still going. They got that round but there are a bunch more rounds to go and we believe that the little guy CAN make a difference. We also believe that smokers are worth it. Just because the outside world has villainized us smokers that does not mean we should shrink to the shadows. Destined for a slow miserable death. No. Smokers deserve options, Smokers deserve A Clean Cigarette and we will fight to keep that option alive.

If you or a loved one would like more information about A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes please visit acleancigarette.com.

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