We apologize. Please let us explain.

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Hey guys. It’s Dawn here again, and today I am here to apologize and then give you guys our side of the story.

First, the why behind why we need to apologize.

If you have not re-up’ed your A Clean Cigarette supply in the last 24 hours then you may not know it but we have a sad announcement.  If you have re-up’ed then you know exactly what I am talking about.

For the first time in 10 years, A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes has to increase our cartridge refill prices. And we hate it and have no choice.

The FDA and the PMTA

As you may know from our past blog posts and news announcements, the FDA (under congresses leadership) is requiring that all e-cig and vapor companies complete the Pre-market Tobacco Application (PMTA). You may also know that the PMTA was designed to make entering the tobacco market nearly impossible and extremely expensive.  The whole process is NOT set up for the little guy to win. (Click that link and read that doc to get an idea of what is going to be required if you’re interested.) (We think Congress should be the ones saying “We Apologize)

In fact, the expense is so high and the time frame so short that even companies like JUUL will have a hard time getting it all done.  The whole thing is being called industry killing by most experts.

The good news

A Clean Cigarette saw this coming. We have been planning and working for a long time and we really believe we can make it through this process. While we have gathered a ton of the necessary info, we will still need a few things:

  1. Money (Isn’t that always the case. This is why the .25 cent price increase.)
  2. You and other A Clean cigarette customers. (Find out how you can help here.)
  3. Good Science (We have a bunch and the lawyers are working on the rest. )
  4. Determination (We are going to need a lot of it.)
  5.  God (He is always at our backs. )

See, we got this!

10 years and we never had to apologize about price

A Clean Cigarette was founded nearly 10 years ago, in that time we have NEVER raised our cartridge prices. Actually not only have we never raised carts, the only price change we have had to do was to lower the cost of our batteries. Not many other companies have a track record like that.

Smokers helping smokers

Up until this point raising our prices never made sense to us. We pride ourselves on being smokers who have made the switch and who are not helping other smokers. Like you. Keeping our products affordable seems like a simple yet powerful way for us to do that.

While we are not saints here at ACC, and we need to turn a profit as much as the next guy. We have never been in this for the “get rich quick” side of the early market. If we had been all about the cash, we would have offered a much wider variety of flavors and probably went into the tank or pod industries. (EVERYONE told us that was our best bet, we disagreed.)

So instead we stayed simple and limited and affordable. In the process, we have switched thousands of smokers and earned the name Smokers helping Smokers.


One of my favorite words in the English language is serendipity. All serendipity means is a that something great happened by accident or chance that is unplanned for while doing something else. For example, think about taking an evening hike to the top of a hill just to relax. While there you find out that there is a once every 100-year meteor shower you will get to witness. That would be serendipity at work.

Remember a minute ago when I said we never got into the “get rich quick” side of things? You know with a ton of flavors and huge tank type devices? And that we decided to stay basic and simple? Well, serendipity maybe why we make it when so many others may not.

SImple for the win.

Our simple products and low flavor count means that we may have a much easier path to approval than most of our competitors. That being said please keep in mind that we have to do a PMTA for every different nic level of every different flavor. There is a good chance that we will not be able to get ALL of our flavors approved in time. Expect that, at a minimum, flavors like Vanilla, Apple, and Grape will be pulled from our shelves. (Feel free to contact the FDA and tell em what you think about it!)

I seriously suggest stocking up on some of these if you are a regular user of a particular at-risk flavor. I can’t tell you how many flavors will get cut. What I can tell you is that ideally, we would like to see all of our Menthol and non-menthol flavors and possibly a couple of our more popular cigar flavors survive.  At very least we will offer a couple menthol and non-menthol while we work on PMTA’s reintroducing some flavors we may temporarily lose. We can make no promises.

Again we really do apologize.

We hate to have to do it, but we really have to and we hope you understand.

Here is an updated price list:

Thank you for stopping in. I hope our next blog brings brighter tidings and again, we apologize and we thank you for your understanding!







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