True? or False? None of the E-cigarette companys are doing clinical trials!! …False, we are!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey guy, Dawn again! Welcome. I hear it all the time in the media. “These electronic cigarette companies are not even taking the steps they need to in order to prove their products are safe! None of them are doing clinical trials” That is just blatantly wrong! Now, I am not calling them liars, just seriously miss informed. The real issue is, in most cases they appear to have little to no interest in becoming informed. Since the beginning of this industry many studies and clinical trials have been done. The systematic review found by clicking HERE for instance is a study of nearly 100 studies that were performed on electronic cigarettes. But it’s not like it’s hard for the media to find this information. I mean that systematic review IS published on the National Institute of Health’s web site. That’s a .GOV site. Originally it was published in a peer review medical journal. The information is not buried very deep either. Just need to search Electronic cigarette on NIH’s sight to find it….. Media can do this, if they WANTED to.

The thing is there have been PLENTY of studies done on the burning tobacco nicotine delivery system. They all agree how it will end with those Tar filled things!
The thing is there have been PLENTY of studies done on the burning tobacco nicotine delivery system. They all agree how it will end with those Tar filled things!

Let’s be real though. Big Tobacco and Big Pharmacy are BIG money. So really, how intelligent would it be for Big media to want to tick either of those two power spenders off? That’s okay though. In today’s internet based world, spreading the word is not as hard to do as it once was. That is at least if we have YOU to help us spread that word. Thankfully since you are reading this, we do Thank you!

Well, since we are all about spreading the word here, lets talk about A Clean Cigarettes, HUGE news!  I don’t mean regular every day news either. Yes, the little store that started as a small kiosk in the Bay City, Michigan Mall has grown up! We thought we were getting to be big kids when we did, not 1 not 2 but 3 separate fluid + device lab analyses on our product. We knew we were truly starting to get involved as a real force in the industry when we did our vapor lab analysis. Yet neither of those accomplishments can hold a torch to our next huge undertaking. We are very Proud to announce that A Clean Cigarette is going to lay it all on the line and put our money where our mouth is. We are going to hire Sparrow Clinical Research Institute (SCRI) out of Lansing, Michigan! So who is SCRI? Hmm, lets find out.

Introducing Sparrow Clinical Research Institute. (SCRI)

Sparrow Tower, home of the Sparrow Clinical Research Institute.
Sparrow Tower: Home of the Sparrow Clinical Research Institute. Click this image to find their website.

To find out, first we went to their web site. This is what we found: Who is Sparrow Clinical Research Institute in their own words?

“Sparrow Health System joined forces with the Thoracic & Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation (TCHF) in 2012 to create the Sparrow Clinical Research Institute (SCRI). TCHF, founded in June 1992 as a non-profit medical research foundation, did clinical research in cardiology, electrophysiology and cardiovascular surgery. The formation of SCRI allowed us to expand our research program to include more investigators and new medical specialties. We have conducted over 315 clinical trials and are actively recruiting new ventures.”

“We are also members of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, certified in transportation of dangerous materials and have completed NIH research ethics training. Our clinical research coordinators are registered nurses or certified in clinical research and we have regulatory staff and research assistants that work closely with our coordinator staff.”

That sounds great but what’s their resume look like? Well we think its pretty incredible they are rock stars in the industry! Check out some of the groups they have done studies for. It’s a really long one, so we Science-is-the-best-ideaonly put part of the list on this page. We think you will see how awesome it is even if its not the whole thing. If however, you are interested in visiting the SCRI web page then the whole list can be found by clicking on the Tower picture above. ⇑

 *NIH *Proctor & Gamble *Ross Medical *Seattle Institute for Cardiac Research *St. Jude *Pfizer *Henry Ford Coordinating Center *Paraxel * Abbot Vascular * Canadian Institutes of Health *Duke Clinical Research * i3 Research * Inversion Genetics *Cleveland Clinic Research Consortium * University of Michigan *Temple University * Montreal Heart Institute *Cambridge Heart 

The great part about having such a reputable facility to do this clinical study
is they don’t have any reason to do us any favors. That’s perfect! We don’t want any. We want facts. Simple, plain truths that we can shared with our customers. After seeing all this we had to meet with them, and now BAM here we are, already set to go!

Clinical trials take time, and SCRI has made it perfectly clear that they are going to do this in a transparent and proper way. We love it. They made sure we were informed about the fact that they are going to find the truth. GREAT! Just the place for us! That’s what we are looking for because that’s what YOU are looking for. A true unbiased study. Plus remember every member of the A Clean Cigarette team is on this product. Each of us have as real a want for facts as any one! We can not wait to share them with you!

So stay tuned folks this is about to get interesting!


As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I appropriate every single click, comment, and share. I appreciate YOU! Feel free to email me with any questions or thoughts. I have loved the ones I have gotten! or web site





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