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Hello! it’s Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. I hope everyone had a spectacular Fourth of July! This time of year is pretty special for the A Clean Cigarette blog because it was July 1st, 2015 that we first started blogging here on the A Clean Cigarette blog.  (Happy Birthday Blog!)

Devices like this are an extreme, even for the large MOD trend but it demonstrates just how out of control things can get.

Oh, how time flies when we are having fun right?!?! An oh how things CHANGE too. Especially in an industry like this one. We have gone from an unregulated, barely researched, new idea type industry to a heavily regulated full-blown industry with a ton of information to share. So ya a lot has happened in a few short years.

Something else we have seen over the years is different trends that have come and gone. At one time Giant MOD devices were the rage. The more pieces and parts and the more unique those pieces and parts were made all the difference in the world to avid vapers. This trend made an ideal environment for “Hobby Vapers’ and “Cloud Blowers” bloom and they sure did. Cloud blowing competitions started popping up everywhere. Unique and HUGE devices became Youtube wonders.

Look at the size of that cloud. With a hang time that varies between 10 and 120 seconds clouds like this are not suitable for public areas. Even IF the cloud is not dangerous to bystanders they still don’t want to inhale your exhaled strawberry/kiwi surprise.

The problem? Well, as much fun as the Cloud blowers and Mod makers were having, they were also finding out that just because you CAN do something does not mean you should do it. Suddenly headlines exploded about Mod batteries blowing up and doing real damage to unsuspecting an in most cases uneducated users. Pictures of jaws blown off and legs with holes the size of fist began to be an everyday thing. And as you may expect the devices started to feel the proverbial heat.

To make matters worse blowing up batteries were not the only side effect of larger, high-powered devices. We also saw a huge increase in Irritated business owners who were not impressed with the large clouds of vapor that made non-smokers upset to the point of complaining. As the customers complained the business owners did what they had to do, and forbid e-cigarettes and vape use in their buildings.

This may be just a little much for public use eh?

The no vape allowed trend did not just hit businesses like restaurants and stores either. It actually got so bad that bars and bolling centers, places notorious for not wanting to kick smokers out, had to start asking people not to use these products in their buildings. It’s hard to blame them too. I mean I have seen some clouds that are so thick and so big you would think they were fog machines. Who wants to hang out in a fog-filled haze no matter how “safe” some people claim it is? No one.

The issue is that while non-smokers may not want to inhale the cloud, smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes feel they have made a life change and they do not want to be put back outside like a burning tobacco smoker. We can feel the difference and see the difference in our lives and we want to be able to enjoy the freedoms that should come with giving up burning tobacco.

There is good news though, a new trend hitting our area and it is hitting it in a big way. Or at least I hope it will hit in a big way. What’s the trend? Simple, some smart business owners are coming to us e-cigarette users and saying look. We are okay with you being in here we just need you to use a low cloud or no cloud device so others are not bothered. Cool, we can do that!

With the A Clean Cigarette e-cigarette because we are not a VG oil-based system we do not have the large clouds and in some cases, we have no cloud. So using an A Clean Cigarette does not have to mean bothering anyone while out and about. It’s a win/win solutions.

Over the last weekend, we had the privilege to attend a bowling convention that was comprised of about 50 Michigan bowling center owners. We spoke about this an about the need for options that won’t mean upsetting any of their customers, whether they are smokers, e-cig users or non-smokers these guys want all of them to have fun and bowl. When we explained about our low to no cloud option, the reception was spectacular. About 30 of the 50 centers agreed to take our displays and in some cases put up signs that look something like this one below. ⇓


Like they explained it’s not about not “liking” the MODS and large cloud blowers, it’s about making sure everyone is comfortable in their establishments. So whether you are a cig-a-like user or a MOD user most of the time, when you are out and about it may be prudent to get yourself a low cloud device like A Clean Cigarette. There is a good chance that you will find more places are willing to let you use your products indoors if you are not causing the indoors to be a hostile environment for their other patrons.  This is a trend I can get behind.

Keep your eyes out for our displays in Bowling Centers near you and if you know of a place that may be interested in a low cloud sign or a display let me know. Drop me a line on here or on our A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarette Facebook page.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for stopping in and don’t forget to check out our website at for more information about us and our low to no cloud products.  Have a great day!







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