Top 5 battery tips for your A Clean Cigarette batteries!


Hello all Dawn here. A little over a week ago we did a blog post that gave the top five tips on how to get the most life out of your A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette cartridges. In that post I promised a tips and tricks on the A Clean Cigarette batteries too. Well wait no longer, the time is here. Presenting the top 5 tips on how you can make your ACC batteries last longer and hit better. I hope this is useful and please feel free to share it around to your friends and loved ones who use ACC products.  Also if you can think of a tip that should be here but isn’t, drop me an e-mail to

With out further ado………….

Tip#1:  Don’t over tighten!

This is the single biggest piece of advice I can offer any A Clean Cigarette user. regardless of whether you are putting the battery on the cartridge or screwing it into the approved charging unit there is no need to over tighten. Just twist your battery in until it is secure then STOP as soon as you feel resistance. If you over tighten your battery you risk pressing the contact point in. The contact point is the small circle metal piece with a small hole in the center of it that you can see when you look in the port end of your battery Even just a little movement of that contact can make your battery have a hard time making the necessary connection with your cartridge or charger.  This lack of connection can and will effect the quality of your ACC battery. If you have twisted it too tight, stop into a store and let us know. We will get you squared away.

Tip #2: Not all Chargers are created Equal…

I have said this before in previous post but it is so  important that it definitely needs mentioned here.  Now I do not know about you, but I know very little to nothing about electrical currents. Volts and amps are words I recognize but really I have no clue what it all means. That is one reason I liked A Clean Cigarette originally; I never have to worry about getting the right parts and adding things to keep my battery safe. With ACC it is all taken care of for us. That is as long as we don’t use unapproved charging units on our ACC products. Not all chargers are the same so please only use the chargers that we provide on our brand. Other chargers may work, but unless you know what is what when it comes to electricity it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Tip #2: Clean Cigarettes = Happy Cigarettes

Remember that contact point we talked about in the 1st tip? The small circular metal piece with a small hole in the center of it that you see when you look into the port end of your ACC battery? Good.

That contact is the main part of your battery, if it is dirty or unable to make contact with the charger or cartridge you simply will not be happy with how your ACC products preform.

To clean your battery you have a couple choices.

1:Use a DRY Q-Tip to lightly swab the end of your battery and clear it of dirt and debris


2: Bring your battery into any A Clean Cigarette store location and we will do the work for you!

Tip #4: Battery quality = cartridge life

Again I can not speak for anyone else but I know that for me nothing is more irritating than a cartridge that does not last as long as they normally do!

As a Pack + a day smoker I look forward to getting pretty close to a whole day out of each of my cartridges, when I don’t it’s really frustrating. Thank goodness it does not happen often!  One of the first things I do when this does happen is try to figure out why it is happening. More often then not if it is happening.  If it only happens with one cartridge, perhaps i have a bunk cart and I just need to return it for a replacement when I pick up cartridges next time. BUT if it is happening over and over, it’s most likely NOT a bum cartridge. It’s probably a old battery!cigalike

That’s right. If your battery is over 5 to 6 months and you are noticing that your cartridges are not lasting as long as they should then it is most likely time to replace your ACC batteries.  It is important that every 5-8 months you replace your battery to get the longest life out of your A Clean Cigarette cartridge

Tip #5: Storage do’s and don’ts 

Do store in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

Do Not store in hot places such as cars or near hot objects such as stoves.

Do leave a spent cartridge on the end of your battery to help keep dust and dirt off the contact point.

Do Not place a cap or anything over the end of your battery other than an ACC cartridge. Blocking vent holes could lead to a destroyed battery or worse!

Well that’s the in’s and the out’s of A Clean Cigarette battery! if you have any other questions or thoughts on this topic feel free to drop us a line and if you would like to find an A Clean Cigarette store location near you, visit Thank you for stopping by!








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