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We have all seen and heard about the damage smoking burning tobacco can cause. It's not to imagine that what we have heard is true, just look at what ingredients are in a burning cigarette nicotine delivery system!
We have all seen and heard about the damage smoking burning tobacco can cause. It’s not to imagine that what we have heard is true, just look at what ingredients are in a burning cigarette nicotine delivery system!

Hello all! It’s Dawn again and today on the A Clean Cigarette blog we are going to talk about the GOOD news associated with getting off of burning tobacco. We all know that smoking is bad for us, I doubt very much I need to put up another image of a tar filled black lung. We have all seen it and we all understand the damage we have done or are doing to our bodies while smoking burning tobacco. Since we all know the down side to 600 ingredients 4000+ chemicals and tar being sucked into our lungs and we are all tired of hearing about it, today let’s talk about something with a little better twist.

For instance, a lot of the damage that we do to our bodies while smoking, can be reduced or illuminated simply by not smoking burning tobacco. That’s really great news. Take a look at this image by CVS health. ⇓

 why quit

20-30 Minutes: As you can see the good stuff starts within 20 minutes of that last burning tobacco cigarette. This drop in blood pressure is especially good news for people already struggling with blood pressure issues.

8 Hours: When Carbon Monoxide bonds with your blood cells it takes the place of the oxygen that your brain and heart need. Having too much Carbon Monoxide in your body can have lethal consequences. The great news is that when using an A Clean Cigarette electronic cigarette there is no carbon monoxide, this is the thing that always makes pharmacist the happiest about our product!

48 Hours: At this point you get a win loose bit of good news. Yes it’s great to taste and smell good stuff better, but one of the side effects of switching is you also have to taste things like medicine and smell things like BO better as well! For myself I could really notice the difference after about 2 weeks and it keeps getting better the longer I avoid burning tobacco.

72 Hours: I did not realize that a main cause of asthma is the narrowing of bronchial tubes until I began searching for information for this blog. So this bit of good news may explain why I have not had to use my nebulizer machine or emergency inhaler in nearly 1.5 years!

2-3 Months: This one rings very true to me. The amount of increased energy that I have while not smoking burning tobacco is amazing. This could be one of my very favorite pieces of good news. Add to that the fact that when circulation increases you stay warmer and this IS one of my favorite pieces of good news!

1-9 Months: This time frame over laps with the 2-3 month one so it;s not surprising to see increased energy mentioned here too. It is surprising to see just how much DOES happen in this short of a time frame though. It’s so great not to wake up hacking and coughing any more. It’s even better during cold and flu season when instead of being down for the count I am able to keep rolling. Why? Because when I smoked my lungs were bad BEFORE I got sick, so getting sick just made bad, much worse. Now though, sick is just sick, way better then sick and full of tar and crap!

1 Year: Wow this one is surprising. When you smoke and damage your lungs they have a great chance of healing if you quit smoking in time. That is not the case for your heart, what ever damage you have done tends to stay done, which is why heart doctors seem to appreciate A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette. The sooner you get off burning tobacco, the better for your heart it is.

5 and 10 Years: Risk reduction says it all here. Remember cancer kills, reducing your risk to cancers, means reducing your risk of dying, it’s as simple as that.

15 Years: It’s almost like you never smoked! Almost, you see the thing is to get to this point you have to have 15 years left. So don’t put off getting away from burning tobacco any longer. Get this show on the road and see for yourself all the good news available!!

Well there you have it. The good news instead of the bad. I hope it’s helpful and if you have questions about any of this or anything electronic cigarette related that you would like us to chat about here on the A Clean Cigarette blog just drop me a line to AccAnswers@gmail.com. If you are interested in making the switch just stop in to any of our 19 Michigan store locations or visit our on-line store and website at acleancigarette.com. Thank you!!



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