There is hope. Life after burning tobacco.


Hello all! Dawn here reporting on everything e-cigarette related. Today’s post is going to be on a topic that I really enjoy talking about. Life after burning tobacco. If you are a smoker or a former smoker then you know that no matter how hard you try to stay healthy while smoking, it rarely works.

Let’s talk about life with burning tobacco 1st.

I used to hate going to my doctor appointments. I just knew that at some point the doctor would blame burning tobacco for something wrong with me. Now I still think that excuse is used tooooooo often by doctors. Heck, sometimes it feels like they would blame burning tobacco for stubbing your toe or getting a splinter. It can seem like every ailment is caused by burning tobacco when you are a smoker. The unfortunate truth is that the reasons doctors tend to be so quick to blame tobacco is that burning tobacco IS so incredibly bad for you. Typically if you are a smoker and you have an ailment, then burning tobacco has caused it, is aggravating it, or  It’s not kinda bad for you. It’s not even, really bad for you. Burning tobacco is without argument the single deadliest legally purchased product available on the market. Just look at these numbers from a snip of the web page.

death smoking cdc

So although it can feel like doctors are bulling burning tobacco, they aren’t. They are just tired of watching their patients die because of it. But what can we do really?  I mean most people try to quit smoking. As a smoker I always had a want to quit, but I never smoked to smoke. what I mean by that is when I smoked burning tobacco I did not do it for that sake of smoking, I did it to get nicotine. I am a nicotine addict and as much as I would like to say that I can just walk away from it. I can’t. I tried. I tried with patches, and gum, and doctor prescribed medicines. Non-of it work, I was just left felling like I had failed again.

That’s where A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes came in. For me my addiction is all about the nicotine. When I tried an A Clean Cigarette for the first time it amazed me how like a cigarette it truly was. I felt the hit, I got the puff, even the device felt really close to the burning tobacco cigarette I was used to. The advise the amazing ms Kelly at the Alma A Clean Cigarette store gave me was “Think of it as switching brands vs quitting smoking”. Boy was she right. When I stopped trying to “quit” and just let myself switch to a new delivery method for my nicotine it happened naturally. I still have not given up my nicotine, but I have given up burning tobacco.

That’s where life after burning tobacco comes in!

For me life after burning tobacco has included things like trips to Vegas and more energy to be more active with my teenage daughters and toddler son. But my story is only 1 of a bunch of really great success stories.


Stories on that was saved like a customer of ours that pulled up to our Owosso store location in her new little sports car she can now afford.

Stories on adventures like our very own RN on staff Ms. Vicky who went to Florida for a while. She had a great time parting hard and seeing some amazing sites. Here ⇐ is a pic of her living it up with A Clean Cigarette! That’s our push button model right there in her hand.

Some on improvements of health like this one from Darlene Stover one of our Alma customers.

“Thanks to A Clean Cigarette I have been smoke free for one year now.  I smoked for 30 years and that’s no lie.  I can actually breathe now and have more energy than ever, no coughing either.  Me and my sister, Annette, quit together and we still can’t believe that we did it.  I don’t even have to take my inhalers anymore, amazing!  Thanks for everything.  Thanks to A Clean Cigarette, they saved my life.”

Or like this one from Mallory Mall an amazing long term customer that has shared her story with us.

“I have been on A Clean Cigarette for almost 5 years now. I had asthma before and smoked over a pack a day. Now I have no asthma and a lot more energy since I quit and started these. My doctor is very happy with these results. Yes, I always recommend people to A Clean Cigarette because it’s helped me tremendously. Thank you Cary and Mona for making this possible!”

Many customer that shares there story with us tell us that they feels the way that Kim Green does. Check out this amazing testimony that speaks of FREEDOM from burning tobacco.

“Using the Clean Cigarette is one of the best things I have done for myself. I have been using this product for 2 1/2 years. I feel 100% it change my life. No coughing, wheezing or winded. I feel free from regular cigarettes and the nasty smell it leaves on everything. Highly recommend to all seeking a change.”

Freedom from the 600 words and 4000 chemicals in the burning tobacco nicotine delivery system. That’s all a cigarette is, a nicotine delivery system. It also happens to be a really poor quality, low tech version of a nicotine delivery system. Why settle for that when the best nicotine delivery systems are not lit on fire, do not produce tar, are not full of 600 ingredients and don’t produce over 4000 chemicals?

Now I am not saying electronic cigarettes are healthy for you. The truth is nothing you inhale besides clean air is good for you. That truth aside I will find a way to get my nicotine and remember what the CDC has to say on the burning tobacco method. It “harms nearly every organ of the body”.

When cigarettes were our only option, I smoked them for the nicotine even knowing how bad for me they are. They are no longer the only option. We now have the freedom yo upgrade. I chose to make the switch, and it was the best choice I could have made for me.

Thank you so much for letting me drone on a while here. You are truly appreciated! If you have any questions drop me a line at and if you want information on making the switch to A Clean Cigarette have a peek at our website and on-line store found at Thank you!



A Clean Cigarette, the closest thing to real, that fake can get.



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