The “Why” behind replacing your battery.


Hello! Dawn here again, your loyal A Clean Cigarette blogger. It’s a wonderfully warm winter day out and there is only about a week left until Christmas. If you are like me, you are finishing up your Christmas shopping and busy wrapping presents for under the tree.

When it comes to presents I know that in my family there are some people who are really easy to buy for. Like my 4-year-old niece for example, who wants anything pink, or Frozen inspired, and, of course, some that aren’t as easy to buy for. Here’s looking at you, my amazing in-laws! But for the most part, I have a ton of fun this time of the year spoiling the ones that I love.

One thing I am very grateful for this time of year is that I made the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand of e-cigarettes. That is that because I no longer have to “sneak” away to have a nicotine break. I now get to see the smiles that my presents get and be a part of the conversations that at one time, I would have had to miss because of my addiction. Not any longer though, this year and for the last four years, I have had the control of when and where I get my nicotine. No more burning tobacco to steal my holiday minutes from the loved ones. I get my nicotine, my way.

In order to guarantee a great Christmas though, today, I will be updating my batteries. But WHY?

The Why:

Here at A Clean Cigarette, we use the very best materials for everything we do, and that includes our battery and battery core. In fact, since our original store opened in 2010 we have updated the battery components around 5 times.

But a battery is a battery and regardless of how much we want a “forever” battery, the technology is just not available. If it ever is available you can bet we will be looking into it asap, but do not hold your breath on that one. In the meantime, our batteries much like every other battery available on the market, have a certain number of times they can be charged before they start to lose a little of their charge life. Eventually as the battery ages and the charge life decreases the batteries power output starts to get weaker. This is really where the issue is.

When the power gets weaker the battery has to work harder to get the job done. Kinda like how when I was 16 I could run a mile in about six minutes, no problem. Now as I have aged, I have to work twice as hard for a nine-minute half mile! (Ya laugh it up, I would be.) When the battery has to work that hard, the heating element is not working as well as it could be. This can lead to premature burning of the cartridge, which will reduce the life of your cartridge. OR at least the taste life. The cartridge itself might still have a ton of fluid, but the burnt taste will make it seem like it’s spent.

Now, I know that I have saved a ton of money since I switched off of a $6-$7 dollar a day habit to about a $3.50 a day habit, but that is ONLY true if my cartridges are lasting as long as they should. (Keep in mind those numbers are based on MY smoking habit, how much each of us puffs can also affect the length of time a cartridge lasts.) The last thing I want is to spend money that I do not have to. Worse yet? I really would not want the cartridges that I purchased to make it through the holiday to not last like they should. I know I will not be able to get refill cartridges because all A Clean Cigarette stores are closed on Christmas and most are closed Christmas eve this year because it falls on a Sunday. So before that is an issue I will be updating my batteries. Just to be safe.

How can you tell if it’s time to replace your battery?

Q: How old are your batteries? 

A: If you said over 6 months it may be time to update. Some batteries last longer, but if your batteries are between 6 and 8 months old consider replacing them to save yourself cash in the long run.

Q: Are your cartridges lasting as long as they used to?

A: If you said no and your battery is less then 3 months old please come in for a replacement on us. If you said no and your batteries are older then that, the battery may be the issue. To ensure the quality and life of your cartridges replacing your battery may be a good idea.

Q: Is the battery charge life not as long as it was when you first purchased the battery?

A: If you said yes and your battery is less then 3 months old, please come in for a replacement on us. If you said yes and your battery is older then that it may be time to replace the battery.

Remember all of the A Clean Cigarette products come with a 90-day quality guarantee. If you experience any issues what so ever let us know. We will help. Also, keep in mind that we can clean your batteries for you in our stores free. If your battery is only about 4 months or so old and you are seeing some of these issues, you may not need to replace the battery. It may just need to come in for a good cleaning.

So there it is the WHY behind replacing your batteries every 6 to 8 months. If your batteries are even close to this age you might consider updating before the holidays. It will be no fun dealing with the family without the nicotine.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope this blog was informative. Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts in the comments below. Or you can always swing by our FB page and leave me a message there. Pluss now you can call me at the Muskegon A Clean Cigarette location: 231-375-0720. I love to chat.

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate or how you do your traditions please know that everyone here from A Clean Cigarette wishes you and your’s a wonderful Holiday and a spectacular New Year.










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