The Mayo Clinic Speaks Out: Electronic Cigarettes May Be A Great Tool For Yet Another Thing!


Hello out there! It’s Dawn, your A Clean Cigarette blogger. In my attempt to cover everything electronic cigarette related we have done post on a TON of subjects. Everything from what Doctors think to how you properly use your A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette device. It really is my goal to have a post on every single cig-a-like, electronic cigarette topic. Let me know if there is anything I can add to this blog that would be important to YOU.


Okay on to today’s super exciting topic! The Mayo Clinic!

So in an effort to get content for this blog it is very common for me to search the net for anything electronic cigarette related. Well, check out what headline I found while I was searching around….

 “Mayo Clinic: E-Cigarettes Slash Patient Smoking Before And After Operations”

I was like wow, I have to read this. I am glad I did; it was a great article claiming that the Mayo Clinic did a study on the impact of electronic cigarette smoking on pre and post surgery patients. Let’s look at what the article claims Mayo discovered:
MAyo Clinic results smoking before operations

It’s also note worthy to mention this part of the article:

Mayo Clinic 2

So with all this great information off of one article I decided to look around and see how reputable the information is. I was happy to find a ton of articles on this study as well as a bit of information off of Mayo Clinics own website. SCORE!

It is important to note that the original abstract is published in the Oxford Journal and can be found here:

While some additional Mayo Clinic information regarding nicotine replacement therapy for surgery can be found here:

This information is not surprising to us at A Clean Cigarette. Many of our customers come in saying they are interested in electronic cigarettes to use as a tobacco alternative before a surgery.  We hear it all the time. Many customers who originally come in for this short term need end up switching to A Clean Cigarette completely after the surgery. It’s really quite amazing.

Let’s be clear though!!!

The best things that you can do when you are scheduled for a surgery is to QUIT. I mean everything no nicotine no anything! That is the only healthy thing you can do for yourself.

That being said, I am pretty sure most of us know that already. We understand that quitting smoking is our best option, and the only truly “healthy” option. WE KNOW!!

    Every smoker deserves options!

But if you are like me, and that is not really an option at all; you still deserve options. Being an addicted smoker does not mean we should have to be out of options. With the A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette we DO have options now.  Electronic cigarettes created with us in mind, created to look and feel and draw and taste like a real cigarette. With out all that real tar, stink, radon, arsenic, carbon monoxide and other real deadly stuff.

According to Public Health England “electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking”; so with that in mind it seems logical that health organizations such as Mayo Clinic will be interested to learn the truth behind their benefits, as well as the truth behind their risks. We are looking forward to both. Let me know if you come across anything that you would like me to find more information on. I will bring it to you strait. That’s the only way we do it at A Clean Cigarette. Drop me a line at or leave a comment.

If you would like more information on how you can get an A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette please check out our website at It features an interactive walk through for new customers as well as a great customer service team! Thank you for stopping by here today and remember us if you or a loved one needs surgery. Remember to consult your Doctor first, but then come chat with us. We understand.








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