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Hi again, it’s me Dawn.

Alright, so this will be my second post on our new A Clean Cigarette blog. I hope you find it useful and maybe even a little entertaining.

Today’s topic is all the things you will find in a burning cigarette, and what is really in an electronic cigarette. Now, I can’t talk for every one else in the industry, but here at A Clean Cigarette we have always cared enough to want to know what exactly we are selling to customers. So from early on we have done things like 3rd party lab analysis on our products.  We love to share our results so click here for a free PDF copy of one of our lab analysis. If you would like to see the others just email us at

That’s true with questions too. if you have any please let us know. If we don’t know the answer we will do our best to get it for you ASAP!

So the list of ingredients in an A Clean Cigarette is fairly short:

Propylene Glycol / Vegetable Glycerin

But what about a burning cigarette, whats in one of those?

The List:

• Acetanisole • Acetic Acid • Acetoin • Acetophenone • 6-Acetoxydihydrotheaspirane

• 2-Acetyl-3- Ethylpyrazine • 2-Acetyl-5-Methylfuran • Acetylpyrazine • 2-Acetylpyridine

• 3-Acetylpyridine • 2-Acetylthiazole • Aconitic Acid  • dl-Alanine • Alfalfa Extract

• Allspice Extract,Oleoresin, and Oil • Allyl Hexanoate • Allyl Ionone • Almond Bitter Oil

• Ambergris Tincture • Ammonia • Ammonium Bicarbonate • Ammonium Hydroxide

• Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic • Ammonium Sulfide • Amyl Alcohol • Amyl Butyrate

• Amyl Formate • Amyl Octanoate • alpha-Amylcinnamaldehyde • Amyris Oil

• trans-Anethole • Angelica Root Extract, Oil and Seed Oil • Anise

• Anise Star, Extract and Oils  • Anisyl Acetate  • Anisyl Alcohol • Anisyl Formate

• Anisyl Phenylacetate • Apple Juice Concentrate, Extract, and Skins

• Apricot Extract and Juice Concentrate • 1-Arginine • Asafetida Fluid Extract And Oil

• Ascorbic Acid • 1-Asparagine Monohydrate • 1-Aspartic Acid • Balsam Peru and Oil

• Basil Oil • Bay Leaf, Oil and Sweet Oil • Beeswax White • Beet Juice Concentrate

• Benzaldehyde • Benzaldehyde Glyceryl Acetal • Benzoic Acid, Benzoin • Benzoin Resin

• Benzophenone • Benzyl Alcohol • Benzyl Butyrate • Benzyl Cinnamate

• Benzyl Propionate • Benzyl Salicylate • Bergamot Oil • Bisabolene

• Black Currant Buds Absolute • Borneol • Bornyl Acetate • Buchu Leaf Oil

• 1,3-Butanediol • 2,3-Butanedione • 1-Butanol • 2-Butanone

• 4(2-Butenylidene)-3,5,5-Trimethyl-2-Cyclohexen-1-One

• Butter, Butter Esters, and Butter Oil • Butyl Acetate • Butyl Butyrate

• Butyl Butyryl Lactate • Butyl Isovalerate • Butyl Phenylacetate • Butyl Undecylenate

• 3-Butylidenephthalide • Butyric Acid] • Cadinene • Caffeine • Calcium Carbonate

• Camphene • Cananga Oil • Capsicum Oleoresin • Caramel Color • Caraway Oil

• Carbon Dioxide • Cardamom Oleoresin, Extract, Seed Oil, and Powder

• Carob Bean and Extract • beta-Carotene • Carrot Oil • Carvacrol • 4-Carvomenthenol

• 1-Carvone • beta-Caryophyllene • beta-Caryophyllene Oxide

• Cascarilla Oil and Bark Extract • Cassia Bark Oil • Cassie Absolute and Oil

• Castoreum Extract, Tincture and Absolute

• Cedar Leaf Oil • Cedarwood Oil Terpenes and Virginiana • Cedrol

• Celery Seed Extract, Solid, Oil, And Oleoresin • Cellulose Fiber

• Chamomile Flower Oil And Extract • Chicory Extract • Chocolate

• Cinnamaldehyde • Cinnamic Acid • Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Bark Oil, and Extract

• Cinnamyl Acetate • Cinnamyl Alcohol • Cinnamyl Cinnamate • Cinnamyl Isovalerate

Okay this is the list at only half way through the C’s, but we think you get our point. While we are not saying our 5 ingredient e-cigarette is a health product, we are saying that the list of ingredients found in burning tobacco is ridiculous. It would literally be a shorter list if I just put down things NOT in a burning cigarette! That fact drives me crazy. We always hear how bad for us E-cigs are, and if you are a non-smoker that’s true, but for those of you who are smoking the crazy amount of crap shoved in to a burning tobacco cigarette, think about it. How can we be anywhere near that level of bad? Here is something to think about, there is NOTHING in an E-cig NOT in a burning cigarette. On the other hand there are over 595 ingredients in a burning cigarette you can not find in an electric one.

Lets break it down, if you were at the store shopping for your family and you want to buy fruit juice. Which brand would you want, the one with two ingredients: water, fruit juice from concentrate Or the one with 10 ingredients including dyes and preservatives? Most of us strive for the smaller list of ingredients. We just understand that the less we put into our bodies the better we feel. Why wouldn’t the same hold true for anything we put into our bodies?

I hope this was helpful and as always feel free to ask questions and share this info!!

Bye until next time!


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