The industry may be rocking and rolling but the events must go on!!!

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Okay, now let’s get on with today’s topic, which is less about information and more about a plain old good time!

Many of you may know that we do all types of events, from health fairs to concerts and everything in-between.  Well August is a hopping month for the events department of A Clean Cigarette. We will be participating in two amazing community activities. We believe that supporting and building the communities we are in is the responsibility of every business. We take that responsibility seriously. Participating in community events is our way of not only supporting our communities but it’s also a really great way for us to get out in your back yards and just be people together.

People that have made the journey of switching off burning tobacco together. People that live and breathe and work in this world and are ready to just have a good time.

As smokers we are often over looked. When we get sick, doctors tend to blame it only on our smoking, non-smoking friends and loved ones tend to make us feel like we are fully to blame for it.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a smoker I made the choice to start seeking nicotine. I know that at one point I could have “just stopped” but the thing is, the ship has sailed. but that does not mean I should be a write off. None of us should be. We know we are addicted to nicotine but does that mean we have to die for it? What if there were options for delivery that although still addictive and still not healthy, may make us able to not get that nicotine from the deadliest consumer product on the market? Why after 100’s of years can’t we update the delivery options we have?

We can.

Are E-cigs “good” for you?

NO, they have nicotine in them, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical.


Are they an upgrade in technology?

You bet.

No Stink, No Flame, No Ash and around 600 less ingredients……ya that’s an update!

And why is the fact that there is FINALLY an option so important?

Because smokers are NOT a write off. We do not need to die on burning tobacco.

Smokers deserve options!

Smokers deserve a clean cigarette.

And smokers deserve to have a little fun.

That brings me back to these up coming events.  We want to have fun and we want to do it with a couple of the communities and some of people that have helped to make A Clean Cigarette great.  So if you think that smokers deserve options and you are looking for a good clean time stop on out and have a good time because we deserve to live and enjoy life. Even if we are addicted to nicotine!


Lapeer Days : Down Town Lapeer Michigan. We will be there with a both on August 19th -20th with a special appearance in the parade and on the “Family Fued”  game, both on the 20th parade starts at 10 am.

Midland Fair : At the Midland fair grounds. We will be there for the entire week of August 14th -20th.

We would love to see you there and I will be making appearances at each event. Thank you so much and I can not wait to see you there!








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