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Hey there, it’s Dawn here.  My job at A Clean Cigarette is creating and researching topics for this electronic cigarette blog. I love my job. Sometimes the topics are a bit hard to write about. Like in the case of the effects burning tobacco has on the health of our communities and families. We know that burning tobacco is killing us, there is no arguing that, but we continue to smoke any way.

cigarettes_o_1197143Why is that? Well the simple answer is about one out of every 10 people are considered to be highly addictive individuals. That means if 10 people pick up burning tobacco in yearly years most will eventually be able to walk away from it just on will power alone or with minor help from quit smoking aids. That’s awesome!  It also means at least one of those unfortunate souls will NOT be able to walk away in the same fashion. They may have tried all the typical quit smoking plans, may even have had a short term success or two. Eventually however, people that fall into this category end up falling back to the burning tobacco addiction. It’s an incredibly frustrating cycle.

This image demonstrates how the addiction to nicotine is a never ending cycle.

That being said it is not the burning or the tobacco that calls us back to that horrible deadly substance. It’s the nicotine. Now, I know there are other things in burning cigarettes that also “hook” a person. Items such as nutmeg, which is called a flavor, but without doubt, has some minor addictive qualities. However, unlike nicotine, these items are not as addictive as Level 1 narcotics…such as heroin.

Knowing that nicotine is the reason for this deadly and wide spread plague called burning tobacco, an amazing thing happened about 2003 when a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik, who had lost his father to burning tobacco, reinvented the wheel. What he did was create a “fake cigarette” to do the job that burning tobacco has done for centuries. He understood that some people can not put the nicotine down so what they need is a delivery mechanism that can best stand in the place of burning tobacco. The cig-a-like (electronic cigarette) was born!

Since that time many people have looked very close at these new updated nicotine delivery systems. Some, in the industry, have changed the design and created devices that look nothing like, and feel nothing like, a traditional; burning tobacco cigarette. While those products have their place in the industry we at A Clean Cigarette have stuck with the basic Cig-A-Like design…with unwavering support.

We truly believe that the science behind this design is what makes it so relatable to that one out-of-10, long term,6 heavily addicted smoker. Keeping electronic cigarettes designed to mimic the look, feel and rituals associated with their existing burning tobacco habit may not be the trendy thing to do. It certainly will not be the most profitable thing to do and it’s not the easiest thing to do; but it is THE RIGHT THING to do. We know that there are a ton of people in our industry that think we are nuts for sticking to what they consider an outdated design…but there is so much more to the story.

You see, even though we have stuck with the original design, because we think it’s the way long term smokers want it. (and oh boy do our customers tell us they agree!) We did not stick to the original quality and technology. A lot has happened here at A Clean Cigarette since we started as a small kiosk in the Bay City, Michigan mall in 2010. The thing is…we ONLY sell our Cig-a-like and we know what we’re talking about. Let’s take a look at some of the things that makes us different than our competitors.

1st….We grow and change with the best available technologies as they become available.

We have updated the flavors, batteries and heating element technologies more than two dozen times combined. Twelve of those updates were on the heating element alone. We have improved things like the taste, length of fluid life, length of battery life, the throat hit, and the weight and size of the devices repeatedly over the last five years. So the outside may look like the originals, but the insides are just as innovative as our competitors. Not only will you not have to put a bunch of small pieces like coils and such together with our product, our smaller battery will last far longer than the one size fits all cig-a-likes sold by big tobacco in gas stations.

2nd…The quality and variety of our tobacco flavored cartridges will show you way one size does not fit all.

Click here to read more about the science behind the design.
Click here to read more about the science behind the design.

Not every smoker smokes the same brand of burning tobacco right? Then how can one flavor and one nicotine level fit every smokers needs?  We do not just sell a starter kit, built like every other starter kit, and hope that it works for you. No, we take the time to have each customer try out a few levels and a few different tobacco flavors in an effort to match their current habit as close as possible.  We have multiple non-menthol and menthol flavors that are designed to mimic current brands of burning tobacco. We also have multiple levels of nicotine.  Why would someone who only smokes a half a pack of ultra-light cigarettes a day, want to smoke a bold electronic cigarette designed for a two pack a day non-filter smoker? They wouldn’t, and they should not have too. Offering options is what we do.  We want to help you find what will work for you!  ‘One size fits all’ does not make sense, because we’re all different.timetoswitch

3rd…We were all customers first! 

Every member of the A Clean Cigarette team was an A Clean Cigarette customer before they ever started selling the devices. How does that help our customers? We know what you are going through. We know what it is like to WANT to step away from the deadly tar in burning tobacco. (Not to mention the almost 600 ingredients and well over 4000 chemicals.)  We also know the frustration of trying a million things and never succeeding. All of us know the walk you are on and that’s what has made us passionate about electronic cigarettes. We know what a powerful tool they are. Having a support system in place is very important. In the last  five years we have worked tirelessly on customer support. We want to be here for you, even when you walk in our doors, full nicotine fit kicking, we are going to understand. We will help you find the right level, the right flavor and the right products to help YOU. Our store associates are not a one-size-fits-all-gas-station-attendant who sells a million items. Those folks can try to tell you what will work, but let’s face it, helping you is not their job. They are there to sell the items on the shelves, not learn about them.

4th…We just keep getting more convenient.

At our A Clean Cigarette stores, we sell only our Cig-a-like electronic cigarettes.  We know our product because we use it!. In the last five years we have grown from that single mall kiosk to 19 brick and mortar locations and an on-line store complete with free shipping to all 50 of the Untied States. The happy customers we have helped to switch from burning tobacco are our real story!  Speaking of customers, I would like to leave this conversation for today with a look at what a few of them have to say.


Nancy Lamb 3

“48 years ago I got hooked on coffee and cigarettes while attending U of M. After many years and many quits someone suggested A Clean Cigarette. One year and a half later I am tobacco free and nicotine free. I can’t stop the physical part of holding the cigarette, but so what. I am healthy!” -Nancy Lamb


Marissa Goetz 3

“I was smoking for a year going from a few cigarettes to almost 2 packs a day. It just kept getting worse until I tried A Clean Cigarette. After using it for about a week I realized a real cigarette wasn’t as good as my clean one.   I felt like they were gross and I didn’t have to walk into a room smelling like an ashtray anymore. I love my e-cig and the great customer service I get at the store!”  -Marissa Goetz


Like I said in the title, the closest thing to a real cigarette that fake cigarette can get!

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line at If you are ready to make the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes check out our website at Many of our locations are located in the sidebar but for a complete locations list click HERE. Thank you for visiting this blog, have a look around the rest of it for some other great electronic cigarette information!





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