The A Clean Cigarette Blog gets a face-lift!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello there! Dawn here and as you may have noticed our blog had an update today! When we first met on here I willingly admitted that this is my first blog and as such, I have no idea what I am doing! Well good new, a month and a half later I am finally figuring it out. Slowly but steadily I am working to move the blog in a more user friendly direction. So lets go over a few helpful features that have been added.

First: The Header. Here I added category tabs. No more scrolling around looking for titles. although you can scroll down to look at all the post, if you are looking for a particular topic now all you have to do is hit the tabs! I will be updating these tabs as we go, so check back often to see what options are available.


Second: Thumbnail post titles vs post that you have to scroll through in-order to get to another topic. This let’s you see a lot more topic titles per page. Having every post in its entirety on the front page sounded like a good plan, but it was not a very good plan at all. In 2 moths time we are over 50K words strong here on the blog. If you just want to see what research is available you probably do not want to search through 50K words. Now you do not have to!

blog thumbnails

Third: Updated the sidebar. This update is one of my favorites. Now you can click our pod cast, Face Book or Twitter pages off any page on the blog. This helps us link all of our content together better while helping you find what you are looking for way faster. If you have not liked or followed us we sure would appreciate it if you did!

blog podblog Twitter

blog fb

Fourth: Added a search bar. Okay this one should have been on the 1st draft of the blog. I apologize. This simple update is our last update, but certainly not the least useful of the updates. This combined with the categories and the new easier to find titles I think the blog is starting to look a little better.   What do you think? Let me know in the comments!





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