Thank you.

Hello again and welcome back to the A Clean Cigarette Blog. Dawn here your dedicated electronic cigarette blogger. This week is a week to be thankful. We at A Clean Cigarette are extremely thankful for the all of the amazing blessings that we are privileged to receive. Without doubt, the blessing we are the most thankful for are You, our customer.

We know it sounds cliche and we understand that the phrase “customer appreciation” has been thrown around and used so often that it can become more of a marketing tool than a true feeling.

But that is NOT the case with A Clean Cigarette, and for good reason.

You see, something happens when a group of people are all on the same journey at the same time. When we stand arm in arm in battle. When we have faced addiction, illness, death and loss together and, are still here when the dust settles ….. and not only still here, we are even stronger than ever.

For the first time in history, we have options on how our nicotine is delivered and we have a real chance at victory….Together.

So ya, we are thankful to our customers, because not only were each of us customers first. All of us here have felt the immense fulfillment of standing with you, and customers like you, as we take up this battle together. And make no mistake, this is a war that we are going through.

So Thank You

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your stories, and your lives. Thank you for crying with us, for laughing with us and most importantly, for standing with us. Thank you for walking in that door and making the switch. Thank you, for being you.

When we say we can not do it without you, it’s not just a sales pitch that we are talking about….we are talking about this battle. We can not be us without you. That is just the simple truth of this war. So Thank you.

In the spirit of thanking our customers, I am keeping my words short here today. Instead, let’s hear some of the amazing stories we are so very thankful for!




*These are UNPAID and REAL stories from REAL customers.) (an extra special thank you to Larry (Freeland Customer) , Robin (Alma Customer) and Stacie (Alma Customer), you are appreciated!





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