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Electronic Cigarette Facts: Is switching right for you?

Hello! This is Dawn here again your A Clean Cigarette Blogger. I know that as I look around the world and the internet to find content for this blog that there is a lot of information out there regarding e-cigarettes and vapor products. Some right, Some wrong and some just straight out ignorant. Today we are going to sort through the mess and find the real electronic cigarette facts so you can decide if switching…

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Use An Oxygen Tank? E-Cigarettes may save your life.

Hello again! It’s Dawn here, your fact-finding A Clean Cigarette blogger. As some of you may know I love to hear stories and questions from customers because often times they inspire some very fun and informative blog topics. Most times the topics are fun. Sometimes, like today, they are not. So picture this, Your working behind the counter of an A Clean Cigarette store, helping fellow smokers and having a blast doing it. Suddenly a man comes…

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A Clean Cigarette; Electronic cigarette talking points

Hello, out there from the A Clean Cigarette Blog! It’s Dawn here again and today we are going to work on something that I have had a lot of people mention to me in the past.  Before we go on I would like to ask a few questions….. Have you as an A Clean Cigarette user or family member of a user ever have nay-sayers bug you regarding e-cigarettes? Have you ever tried to tell…

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An electronic cigarette problem worth having.

Have you ever just sat and stared at a blank screen, hoping that magically something informative and important will appear on that screen? Trusting that the right topic will raise… Read more An electronic cigarette problem worth having.

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