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Electronic Cigarettes, Congress and Change. Is this good?

    Hey again its Dawn, and today we are going to go over how CHANGE has effected our lives and how changing our nicotine delivery methods can massively impact our lives. Last week we reported on a 800-study systematic review commissioned by the US Congress. That review had some really amazing things to say. Such as:  “There is conclusive evidence that completely substituting e-cigarettes for combustible tobacco cigarettes reduces users’ exposure to numerous toxicants and…

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A Clean Cigarette; Electronic cigarette talking points

Hello, out there from the A Clean Cigarette Blog! It’s Dawn here again and today we are going to work on something that I have had a lot of people mention to me in the past.  Before we go on I would like to ask a few questions….. Have you as an A Clean Cigarette user or family member of a user ever have nay-sayers bug you regarding e-cigarettes? Have you ever tried to tell…

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Extra! Extra! Important Call To Action Regarding Electronic Cigarettes!

Wowa, it’s getting hot in the political/electronic cigarette world! Hey, Dawn here and although it’s way early to post this week’s blog, I just could not wait to get this… Read more Extra! Extra! Important Call To Action Regarding Electronic Cigarettes!

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