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American Cancer Society Speaks E-Cigarette

Welcome and thank you for stopping in! Dawn here, your loyal A Clean Cigarette blogger. As always I started my blog day looking at all the newest info on electronic cigarettes. Sometimes it’s the same old news different day. Sometimes I get to beaking around and find a great little story that is new and fresh and I think it will be entertaining. Occasionally, though (Way more often lately) I find HUGE news that is SO big…

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News Report; The US Congress Commissioned a Report on Electronic Cigarettes

Hey all, Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. I had intended to do a blog about how some moron out there had the boneheaded idea to break open a Tide Pod (Yes, Laundry Detergent…smh) then he poured the liquid in to a tank model vapor unit and inhaled it into his lungs. However, a piece of SPECTACULAR news regarding electronic cigarettes broke this afternoon and it is far too important to wait. So, all…

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