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What is the FDA’s PMTA? Simple Guide.

Hey guys, Dawn again, your ever-ready blogger. You may have noticed the letters PMTA being thrown around a lot in regards to e-cigarettes, vapes and FDA regulation. You may even have seen it mentioned in some headlines claiming that all vape and e-cig shops will be shutting down in the next 10 months.  Regardless of where you have heard it mentioned the big questions are the same. What is it?  and What does it mean…

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A Clean Cigarette; Electronic cigarette talking points

Hello, out there from the A Clean Cigarette Blog! It’s Dawn here again and today we are going to work on something that I have had a lot of people mention to me in the past.  Before we go on I would like to ask a few questions….. Have you as an A Clean Cigarette user or family member of a user ever have nay-sayers bug you regarding e-cigarettes? Have you ever tried to tell…

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