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Quit gas station brands, find support smokers deserve.

Hello! Dawn here again. your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Today we are going to talk about why every smoker should quit the gas station brand tobacco/nicotine products and switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes.  Notice I did not just say to quit the burning tobacco brands, but the electronic brands as well. It’s not that I am saying that gas station brands are bad brands. In fact, I am pretty sure that some of…

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E-cigarette Summit 2018: Washington DC

Hello everyone! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. It’s that time of year again. That time where we here at A Clean Cigarette travel to our nations great Capitol and have an opportunity to hear what the scientific and regulatory communities are thinking when it comes to E-cigarettes and Vapor products. Now last year when we reported on this event is was an eight-part series that spread over two months. We are not doing that…

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ACC Answers: Altitude and E-cigarettes

Hello again! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. One of my favorite types of blogs to do is the blogs that fall into the ACC Answers category. For those of you who do not know, ACC Answers is all about answering questions that YOU the customer have submitted to either myself or one of our amazing storefront team members. Thanks to great customer-submitted questions, we have covered topics like how smoking affects diabetes or the…

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Look who’s talking now!

  Hello out there! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. As many of you know I come on once a week to publish a blog that somehow relates to electronic nicotine delivery systems. Some weeks it’s on research and science other weeks it’s on how to make crafts out of old ashtrays. Regardless of the topic, I have a lot of fun doing these weekly blogs and I hope you enjoy reading and sharing…

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Things that make me go Hmmmm?

Hello all! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. Coming at you once again with all things e-cigarette. Before we get started let me say, Thank You. I truly appreciate you reading these blogs. I mean let’s face it, writing the blog only counts if there are people reading it. I feel honored and blessed every time I come on this blog site and see the visitor count. Some of our blog posts are reaching…

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TAR: Deadly, Gross and Not in E-cigarettes

Hey everyone! Dawn here your loyal A Clean Cigarette blogger. Recently we have done a lot of talking about the research and politics that revolve around electronic cigarettes.  I think that it is a good time to switch our focus back to burning tobacco. What is in it and what it does to us. While there is a lot going on health-wise with burning tobacco, there are few things as hard on the body as TAR. So today…

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Understanding the recent e-cigarette call to action

Hello all! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette brand e-cig blogger. Before we get started I would like to thank each and every person that ends up on this blog site. Regardless of why you are here, I am glad to have you. Keeping informed is a major part of the battle for electronic cigarette rights, and the right of smokers to get Clean nicotine everywhere. Reading blogs like this one can be a major tool…

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