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WET LUNG?!?! What is this all about?

Hello again, Dawn here, your loyal  A Clean Cigarette blogger. Today’s topic is a serious one that I think we need to talk about ASAP. If like me, you have seen headlines like the ones below all over the place AND you or a loved one uses a vapor product or e-cigarette, then you are probably more than a little concerned. I mean just look at these headlines! WTH is going on? CNN: “Teen develops ‘wet lung’…

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A Clean Cigarette customers sure do talk a lot, and we’re very thankful for it!

The truth is: Thank You are two simple words that can mean so much. We need to be saying them as often as we can here at A Clean Cigarette because we would not be here without you amazing customers. Hello, world! Dawn here.  Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Every day I come on here and we chat on one topic or another regarding electronic cigarettes. By far my favorite posts to…

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