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The CDC releases great news! So why all the shady headlines?

Hello all again, it’s your A Clean Cigarette blogger, Dawn. I really enjoy blogging, for the most part, I mean what’s Not to enjoy? I get to sit at a laptop and investigate, search and research on a topic that I feel passionately about.  It’s typically pretty awesome, it really is. However, sometimes it does get a bit disheartening when I find a piece of great information hidden behind sketchy headlines and twisted propaganda ploys. For…

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ACC Answers: Altitude and E-cigarettes

Hello again! Dawn here your A Clean Cigarette blogger. One of my favorite types of blogs to do is the blogs that fall into the ACC Answers category. For those of you who do not know, ACC Answers is all about answering questions that YOU the customer have submitted to either myself or one of our amazing storefront team members. Thanks to great customer-submitted questions, we have covered topics like how smoking affects diabetes or the…

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Use An Oxygen Tank? E-Cigarettes may save your life.

Hello again! It’s Dawn here, your fact-finding A Clean Cigarette blogger. As some of you may know I love to hear stories and questions from customers because often times they inspire some very fun and informative blog topics. Most times the topics are fun. Sometimes, like today, they are not. So picture this, Your working behind the counter of an A Clean Cigarette store, helping fellow smokers and having a blast doing it. Suddenly a man comes…

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3 steps to electronic cigarettes: Habit, Addiction, Habit

Hello! Dawn, here again, your ever ready, ever excited A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette blogger. Today’s blog is a blog I am very excited to do. If you are a frequent reader of this blog you may know that about two and a half months ago A Clean Cigarette opened our first store in the Muskegon area, which is also our only store on the west side of the state. You probably also know that…

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A Clean Cigarette; Electronic cigarette talking points

Hello, out there from the A Clean Cigarette Blog! It’s Dawn here again and today we are going to work on something that I have had a lot of people mention to me in the past.  Before we go on I would like to ask a few questions….. Have you as an A Clean Cigarette user or family member of a user ever have nay-sayers bug you regarding e-cigarettes? Have you ever tried to tell…

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E-cigarette headlines from across the country. What is the Media saying now?

A lot can change in two months! Hey guys! Dawn here and if you have been reading this blog then you know that the last few months have been pretty big for the electronic cigarette. We as an industry have gone from being a product that had very little to no support from the government and media to a product that is starting to garner the support and praise from all sorts of places. In…

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Cloud Chasing Contest?! Would A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarette vapor stand a chance?

Hey there, Dawn here again and thank you so much for reading this. As some of you are probably aware (and maybe even tired of hearing me say) this blog… Read more Cloud Chasing Contest?! Would A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarette vapor stand a chance?

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